KVC Westerlo – KV Oostende

Last match before the international break before the 2022 World Cup. Today we had to host KV Oostende who currently occupy 14th place in the standings. In the starting line-up, we saw Nene reappear who had served his suspension. Fixelles and Mineiro were also allowed to start in the first eleven.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds E. Jordanov 78′), R. Seigers, R. Tagir, M. De Cuyper, L. Mineiro (R. Neustaedter 73′), M. Fixelles, N. Chadli (H. Akbunar 64′), T. Dierckx, L. Foster (I. Vetokele 79′), D. Nene (K. Vaesen 73′)

Line-up KV Oostende: D. Phillips, O. Urhoghide, F. Katelaris, C. Mcgeehan, F. Hornby, K. Rocha, I. Boonen, T. Sakamoto, R. D’Haese, A. Tanghe, T. Ambrose

First half

Early in the match, our Kemphans almost managed to find the goal. Dierckx hit a cross from De Cuyper but goalkeeper Phillips intervened in time. Nene was able to try in second but saw his shot end up over the goal. Some good chances followed in the next few minutes as well. Fixelles tried from distance but the shot was blocked by a defender. Then Foster too got into a dangerous position in front of goal, but he too saw his shot stopped by Phillips.

Everyone felt that a goal was in the air for our Kemphians and it did not take long for us to record it. Nene was able to sprint off two KVO defenders and then placed the ball delightfully into the bottom right corner. Westerlo were clearly stronger, both in terms of ball possession and chances.

Chadli also had two header chances. The first time on a cross from Reynolds, then on a cross from Nene who first passed his man with a clever action. Westerlo went in search of the second goal and it came. Dierckx was able to work the ball past Phillips in minute 28 after an earlier blocked shot by Foster, 2-0.

We almost got the 3-0 in minute 37 as well. Chadli crossed Foster deep who then brought the ball to Nene. Nene lashed out at goal but the goalkeeper managed to keep the ball out of the nets with a good save. This then proved to be no bad thing after all, as less than a minute later the ball went to the penalty spot. Reynolds was brought down in the 16-yard area, Chadli put himself behind the ball and popped it into the bottom left, 3-0.

The first half ended at this score. Westerlo deservedly scored 3 goals after a very strong and dominant 45 minutes of football.

Second half

Immediately after half-time, Westerlo again shot well from the starting blocks. The score was further extended to 4-0 in minute 49. This time it was Lyle Foster who managed to outsmart goalkeeper Phillips with a shot towards the far corner. The same Foster also made it 5-0 a few minutes later. Again he was given the space to take a shot at goal. Without hesitation, he kicked the ball in.

After the hour, our Kemphans played a bit calmer. Ostend tried to attack the Westel goal a few times, but there were no dangerous attempts. Often the defence was alert and the ball could be intercepted.

In minute 81 another goal followed from our side. This time, after a corner kick, substitute Akbunar finished well, giving us the 6-0 on the scoreboard.

The match was whistled off without extra time. Westerlo played opponents completely from ’t kaske to the wall! Wonderful result to end the first half of the season.


D. Nene 1-0 (16′)
T. Dierckx 2-0 (28′)
N. Chadli 3-0 (40′)
L. Foster 4-0 (49′)
L. Foster 5-0 (53′)
H. Akbunar 6-0 (81′)