KVC Westerlo was acquired by Oktay Ercan in 2019. He immediately announced that KVC Westerlo would remain a local family club, but that he would also focus more on its social aspects and its sporting ambitions. He is building KVC Westerlo 2024 together with its supporters and all stakeholders.

For the medium-term, our goal is to permanently join the 16 best football teams of Belgium. We strive for our goal based on realism, a feasible financial structure, investments in education and a smooth flow onto the first team.


It is important to KVC Westerlo that the sporting ambitions never interfere with the club’s social aspect and local community. That is why president Oktay Ercan immediately proposed a five-year plan (2019-2024) to optimally unite these ambitions.

With project 2024, also the number given to us by the Royal Belgian Football Association, we take on a number of ambitious but realistic goals:

  • Maintain our excellent youth development programme and expand it both socially and athletically
  • Guarantee continuity with a realistic financial structure
  • Emphasize the focus on the social dimension of modern football
  • Improve the synergy between the first team, the youth, the supporters and the stakeholders
  • Prove that a family club can also achieve sporting success
  • Be among the best football clubs in Belgium in the medium-term future (2022)
  • Develop a team that can play at a European level (2024)


The structure of KVC Westerlo supports its sporting, social and financial ambitions. We fully commit to an aligned internal composition with clear tasks for every position. The existing personnel file has been expanded with experts with direct added value to the club. On a financial level, we will make maximum efforts to exploit the present social and commercial opportunities while continually keeping costs manageable.


Our sporting objectives are clear. We do not only pursue a place among the 16 best Belgian football clubs, we also wish to secure that position for the long term. To do so, we firstly retain what works, namely the youth department and the academy. We will offer these departments full support to optimise throughput. Our scouting device is also further expanded and young players will be more eligible for contracts and opportunities. The combination of youth and scouting with focused fortifications and realistic objectives should clear the way to the promotion to 1A.


We strongly invested in a renewed infrastructure to enable the sporting and financial growth. We have already injected 3 million euro to modernise and prepare the facilities and buildings for KVC Westerlo 2024. The field, the dug-outs, Club 1000, the theme café ‘t Kuipje, the dressing rooms and the press room have all been renovated. The completion of the Westel Magic Synergie complex clearly underlines our sporting ambitions.