KVC Westerlo – STVV

Today we got to host STVV at our Kuipje. ‘The Canaries’ currently occupy 11th place in the standings and are coming off a series of difficult matches with 4 out of 15. In our line-up, we saw coach Jonas De Roeck make some changes. Pietro Perdichizzi replaced Rubin Seigers, Tuur Dierckx started in the starting line-up again and Roman Neustaedter was also allowed to start. Dorgeles Nene was absent, currently serving a three-match suspension, two of which were effective.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds, R. Tagir, P. Perdichizzi, M. De Cuyper, N. Madsen (K. Vaesen 89′), R. Neustaedter (M. Fixelles 72′), N. Chadli (I. Vetokele 13′), H. Akbunar, L. Foster, T. Dierckx (M. Gumuskaya 72′)

Line-up STVV: D. Schmidt, D. Hashioka, A. Koita, D. Hayashi, W. Janssens, F. Boya, S. Okazaki, T. Leistner, C. Bruls, E. Bocat, G. Bruno

First half

The match started with a calm pace from both teams. After a good ten minutes of football, play was briefly halted. Chadli had to be forced to the side due to a leg injury. Igor Vetokele came on to replace him.

Vetokele was almost able to make his mark straight away. A bad pass between the midfield and the STVV defence was intercepted by Akbunar. The ball then came to Vetokele who was able to strike towards the second post, but he saw his shot deflected via Leistner.

Madsen then got a foot on his foot on the edge of the 16-yard area. Madsen went down and asked for a penalty but the ref thought the contact was too light. In the end, it was ‘The Canaries’ who took the lead. Bocat delivered a cross towards the second post where Bruno was quicker on the ball than Perdichizzi. Bruno tapped the ball past Bolat making it 0-1.7

To make matters worse, STVV received a penalty just before half-time. Perdichizzi fouled Hayashi after which the ref immediately pointed to the spot. Bolat still chose the right corner, bottom left, but still Bruno’s shot went against the nets. We headed for the dressing rooms with a 0-2 deficit. Our Kemphans did not manage to create any good chances in the first half, STVV’s defence stood as a block.

Second half

After ten minutes of football in the second half, our Kemphans came up with the tying goal. A good cross from Reynolds ended up with Maxim De Cuyper who found himself alone in front of goal. De Cuyper was able to work the ball past goalkeeper Schmidt in one time, 1-2. A few minutes later, the equaliser was almost a reality as well. Akbunar was sent into space and was able to head towards the goalkeeper. He tried to place the ball in the short corner but saw his shot end up in the side netting.

The grinta was clearly a lot higher than in the first half. Our Kemphans were fighting for every ball and clearly did not intend to end the match with a loss. They played with high pressure forward, which made STVV start to struggle at times.

In minute 72, two more substitutions were made for our Kemphans. Neustaedter and Dierckx were replaced by Fixelles and Gumuskaya.

In minute 82, the equaliser finally became a reality, doubly deserved. Akbunar was hooked on his foot in the penalty area and ref Vergoote pointed to the spot after VAR intervention. De Cuyper converted the penalty with a shot down the middle into his second goal of the evening, 2-2.

However, the joy was short-lived. Hayashi was able to bring ‘De Kanaries’ back into the lead immediately after our goal via the rebound. The linesman had flagged which led to a switch to VAR. After several minutes of waiting, the goal was approved, 2-3.

After six more minutes of extra time, the game was over. After a strong second half, the game was called off with a 2-3 loss.


G. Bruno 0-1 (24′)
G. Bruno 0-2 (45+3′)
M. De Cuyper 1-2 (54′)
M. De Cuyper 2-2 (82′)
D. Hayashi 2-3 (87′)