KV Kortrijk – KVC Westerlo

Second away game in a row this week. After the heavy upset at KRC Genk, we had to face Adnan Custovic’s KV Kortrijk today. The Guys currently occupy 16th place in the standings with 11 points. It certainly did not promise to be an easy match as both teams were keen to get the three points.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds, R. Seigers, P. Perdichizzi, M. De Cuyper, N. Madsen, L. Mineiro (R. Neustaedter 78′), M. Fixelles (I. Vetokele 69′), H. Akbunar (T. Dierckx 69′), N. Chadli (D. Nene 62′), L. Foster

Line-up KV Kortrijk: M. Ilic, O. Sych, T. Watanabe, D. Dessoleil, K. D’haene, B. Messaoudi, K. Vandendriessche, H. Keita, D. Lamkel Ze, F. Avenatti, H. Gueye

First half

Foster was able to strike hard towards goal early in the game but saw his shot go just past the outside of the post. Then it was Kortrijk that was able to get in front of goal once. After a good combination between Avenatti and Lamkel Zé, the latter was able to kick towards goal from a good position. However, the shot was well blocked by goalkeeper Bolat.

For the first 20 minutes, both teams alternately had a slight advantage. However, really getting through to create good chances was not yet an issue.

In minute 26, Pape Gueye was sent off the pitch by referee Wim Smet. The red card was fully justified as Perdichizzi received a slap in the face. So we could prepare for a thick hour of football with the advantage that our Kemphians had a man more.

Despite the predominance in ball possession, goal attempts and the fact that we were with a man more, no goal was scored in the first half. Kortrijk almost took the lead through Messaoudi, but his shot was blocked by Bolat.

We went into the dressing rooms with a 0-0 score. Things had to be better in the second half if we want to bring home the three points here.

Second half

Our Kemphans had clearly understood at half-time that something had to change. Immediately after the break, they shot well from the start and Madsen managed to put the opening goal on the scoreboard. Initially the shot was blocked by a Kortrijk defender, but in the rebound the goal was scored anyway, 0-1 and his first goal in the yellow-and-blue outfit.

Bolat continued to defend his goal superbly and also managed to keep an Avenatti header off the net.

Dierckx, Vetokele and Nene added fresh blood to the team. They replaced Akbunar, FIxelles and Chadli. Our Kemphians continued to press forward to double the lead and secure the win.

The 0-2 also became a reality. Our Kemphans were able to break out well on the counter through Madsen. The ball was then played down to Foster who pulled his leg up allowing Nene to kick the ball into the far corner, 0-2.

Westerlo calmly played out the game allowing us to take the three points back to ’t Kuipje.


N. Madsen 0-1 (48′)
D. Nene 0-2 (83′)