Match report KVC Westerlo – OH Leuven

Today the 1/8th final of the Croky Cup was on the programme for our Kemphans. In this match, we took on OH Leuven. We see some changes in the first eleven. Koen Van Langendonck will defend the goal today. At right back, we see the Danish Christoffer Remmer in the starting line-up again. Maxim De Cuyper is also back, he was absent last week due to illness.

KVC Westerlo

Van Langendonck, Remmer, Seigers, Perdichizzi, Mabea, Van Eenoo, Van den Keybus, Bernat, Daci, De Cuyper, Vaesen

OH Leuven

Runarsson, Chakla, Dewaest, Schrijvers, Mercier, Al-Tamari, De Sart, De Norre, Keita, Ozkacar, Rezaei

First Half

The match starts with heavy rainfall which will undoubtedly make it a lot harder to play. Bernat shows some nice actions in the first five minutes and a few minutes later he also hits the target from distance. Leuven goalie Runar Runarsson had no problems with it though, clamping the shot.

A little later we had a good chance after a cross from Lukas Van Eenoo. The ball landed on Erdon Daci’s head but went just wide. Just after the quarter hour mark, referee Wim Smet sent both Arthur Mercier and Kouya Mabea off the field. Both had their heads together. So we will continue to play 10v10.

After 23 minutes of football, our Kemphanen take the lead. Jan Bernat brought the ball to Christoffer Remmer with a nice action. The Dane hits the ball with a hard shot into the bottom left corner and makes it disappear into the net, 1-0.

In the 37th minute we get a chance through Kyan Vaesen, but the ball goes too softly and Runarsson is not troubled by it. This was followed by a counter from OHL. Mousa Al-Tamari hit the crossbar with a well placed shot from outside the penalty area.

Second HalfOHL made it clear straight away that they would not be left behind. At half-time they bring Mathieu Maertens and Sory Kaba onto the pitch in place of Alexis De Sart and Kaveh Rezaei.

In the 52nd minute, it looked as if it was 2-0 when Erdon Daci put the ball in the Leuven goal. However, he was just offside and the goal was disallowed. Three minutes later Mathieu Maertens put the ball into our nets and the score was tied at 1-1.

In minute 61 and 63 the first Westel substitutions took place. Oguz Guctekin and Lyle Foster come onto the field for Thomas Van den Keybus and Erdon Daci. Foster immediately made his presence felt with a clever move on the right flank that created a nice chance. A few minutes later Jan Bernat found himself in front of goal. He got the ball in his feet and kicked it straight into the ropes, 2-1.

In the 83rd minute Lyle Foster had to leave the field again because of an injury. Kyan Vaesen was also given a rest, his place being taken by Igor Vetokele.

After 88 minutes, Siebe Schrijvers scored the equaliser. The game is still completely given away in the end when Mathieu Maertens scores the 2-3 in the 93rd minute.

After 90 minutes of battle the cup adventure is over for our Kemphanen.


C. Remmer 1-0 (’23)

M. Maertens 1-1 (’55)

J. Bernat 2-1 (’68)

S. Writers 2-2 (’88)

M. Maertens 2-3 (’93)

Report written by: Jordy Haesen
Photos by: Luc Meynaerts



Team Pnt
KRC Genk 46
Union 36
Antwerp 35
Club Brugge 33
KAA Gent 30
KVC Westerlo 26
Standard 25
OH Leuven 25
Cercle Brugge 25
Anderlecht 20
Charleroi 19
KV Mechelen 18
KV Oostende 17
KAS Eupen 16
Zulte Waregem 13
KV Kortrijk 12
RFC Seraing 11