KVC Westerlo – KV Mechelen

For the last time this season, ’t Kuipje filled up for a home game of our Kemphanen. On the schedule was an exciting local derby against KV Mechelen. A downpour just before kick-off added some extra drama to a match that had previously proven to be a guarantee for spectacle.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, J. Bos, D. Haspolat (79′ T. Van den Keybus), N. Madsen (64′ K. Vaesen), S. Sydorchuk, G. Yow, B. Reynolds, R. Tagir, A. Piedfort, L. Stassin (86′ K. Borys), J. Alcocer (64′ A. Sayyadmanesh)

First Half

The driving rain seemed to bother the visitors the least in the opening phase. However, a vigilant Bolat stood firm against attempts from Pflücke, Lauberbach, and Bafdili.

A powerful header from Ravil Tagir was KVCW’s main response, but when Bafdili presented himself for a second time at Bolat’s goal, it was a goal for the visitors.

The goal from KVM sparked a revival in our Kemphanen, who began to bombard the visiting goalkeeper’s goal more and more. During an initial counterattack by Alcocer, a swift leg save by Thoelen prevented the equalizer. Later, it was the VAR that disallowed Stassin’s goal. Thus, our Kemphanen went into halftime with a hard-fought 0-1 deficit.

Second Half

After the break, there was even more rain but also more goal threats from our Kemphanen. At the edge of the penalty area, Reynolds went over the leg of a sliding Foulon, but the VAR saw no foul.

An eager Stassin sought a valid goal in the second half after his disallowed one in the first, but he couldn’t outsmart Thoelen.

When Thoelen finally had to concede to a strike from Haspolat, the crossbar came to the visitors’ rescue once again.

With the goalpost still vibrating from the thwarted equalizer, a series of substitutions slowed the pace of the game. The hope for an equalizer dwindled towards the end and was completely dashed when substitute Belghali scored the 0-2 in the closing stages. Unfortunately, our Kemphanen failed to conclude a rainy last home match of the season on a high note.

Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Tomas Sisk/Photo News