STVV – KVC Westerlo

An encounter with the Canaries, that was the fixture for our Kemphanen’s first playoff match. In the playoffs with a European ticket at stake, interim coach Bart Goor called upon a number of new names. Curious if they could capitalize their starting spots with gaining points.

KVC Westerlo Lineup: N. Gillekens, D. Haspolat, N. Madsen (72′ K. Borys), M. Frigan, R. Vermant (72′ L. Stassin), R. Tagir, T. Rommens, E. Jordanov, R. Neustädter, T. Van den Keybus (62′ J. Alcocer), A. Sayyadmanesh (79′ K. Vaesen)

First Half

The Kemphanen started the game with a push forward. After a cross from Sayyadmanesh towards the far post, Van den Keybus already created the first chance of the match barely two minutes in. However, his shot sailed wide and over Suzuki’s goal.

On the opposite side, it was a different story with the first goal-scoring opportunity. A shot from Steuckers unfortunately deflected off Tagir’s stomach, causing the ball to elude a helpless Gillekens.

The Canaries’ opening goal cut the legs out from under our Kemphanen, and it took a good Gillekens to prevent Bertaccini and Delorge from doubling the score.

With halftime looming, our Kemphanen suddenly sprang back into action. A free kick from Haspolat was promptly deflected by Suzuki into the path of Tagir, but the Turkish defender was too surprised to aim his rebound. Thus, the Truienaars went into halftime with a 1-0 lead.

Second Half

With renewed vigor, our Kemphanen emerged from the dressing rooms. That resulted early in the second half in two goal-scoring opportunities. First, Frigan tested Suzuki’s reflexes, then the latter showcased his abilities on a deflected cross from Jordanov.

With the equalizer eluding them, our Kemphanen’s attacking waves waned further in the second half. This signaled the home team to push forward.

An initial attempt from Smets was saved by Gillekens, but just before the end, the KVC goalkeeper had to surrender from close range to an attempt from Steuckers. The score read 2-0, and the three points remained at Stayen.

Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Sebastien Smets/Photo News