STVV – KVC Westerlo

A match against a centenarian, that was the fixture for our Kemphanen on matchday 27 of the regular season. Opponent STVV celebrated its 100th birthday during this carnival fixture. So it’s up to our Kemphanen to be a bit of a mood dampener during the grand celebration of the Haspengouw club.

Lineup KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, J. Bos, N. Madsen, M. Frigan (62′ K. Vaesen), S. Sydorchuk (46′ D. Haspolat), G. Yow, B. Reynolds, R. Neustädter (77′ R. Tagir), E. Bayram, A. Piedfort (77′ T. Van den Keybus), A. Sayyadmanesh (62′ N. Chadli)

First half

Stayen was buzzing for its centenary, both on and off the stands. Backed by a well-packed stadium, the Canaries immediately took control. Especially a bustling Koita made his mark in the opening phase but was denied twice by Bolat.

Afterward, the spark diminished on the field, but we did see fire off it. A banner from STVV caught fire behind Suzuki’s goal, the local fire brigade rushed to the scene to extinguish the danger.

More danger near the Truiense goal came later from a header by Sydorchuk, but the Ukrainian international saw his attempt hit the crossbar.

The signal for the home team to regain control of the match. After a fluent attack through several stations, Ito got space at the edge of the box to shoot. With a clever lob, the Japanese player deceived a hesitant Bolat, giving the Canaries a 1-0 lead to celebrate their centennial at halftime.

Second half

Dogucan Haspolat joined the guest list for the second half of the STVV celebration match. The second half started more sluggishly than the first. The Canaries controlled, the Kemphanen sought an opening, but neither side managed to create real danger.

Fresh blood was supposed to inject new life into the game, but it was one of the regulars who provided the biggest threat on the Westerlo side. Jordan Bos surged forward in his characteristic manner on the left flank and faced STVV goalkeeper Suzuki one-on-one but couldn’t seal his long run with a goal.

On the other side, Fujita missed the chance to increase the goal tally in this match. After a splitting pass from Steuckers, the Japanese player hit the post with the biggest chance for STVV in the second half.

Thus, the scoreboard remained unchanged, and STVV could kick off its party night with three points. For our Kemphanen, the search for the first away win of the new year continues.

Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Dha/Photo News