KVC Westerlo – OH Leuven

Continuing the good form was what everyone at ’t Kuipje had signed up for in advance. Coach De Mil sent out the same eleven names to achieve a similar result. One newcomer was spotted on the Westerlo bench: newly acquired Allahyar Sayyadmanesh secured his first selection in his first week with KVCW.

KVC Westerlo Line-up: S. Bolat, N. Madsen (46′ M. Fixelles), S. Sydorchuk (65′ N. Chadli), R. Vermant (73′ M. Frigan), G. Yow (65′ R. Tagir), B. Reynolds (46′ A. Sayyadmanesh), T. Rommens, R. Neustädter, T. Van Den Keybus (86′ N. Chadli), E. Bayram, A. Piedfort

First Half

Just like on Tuesday, an early goal was scored now as well. Unfortunately, that goal fell on the wrong side for everyone with a yellow-blue heart. A corner kick from Maziz was headed into the net by Banzuzi. An early deficit was on the scoreboard.

With a header from Rommens, the early opening goal was almost erased just two minutes later, but a brilliant save from Leysen prevented the score from being equalized.

Instead of an equal score, we even got a doubling of the lead. A fine move by Schrijvers was neatly finished by Miguel at the far post.

However, Westerlo’s counteroffensive did not take long. Our Kemphanen took possession of the ball and forced a series of corners. Converting the goal threat into a consolation goal, however, did not succeed – thanks in part to the strong OHL goalkeeper, Leysen. Thus, our Kemphanen entered halftime with a deficit.

Second Half

New half, new names. Mathias Fixelles and newcomer Allahyar Sayyadmanesh joined the team. The latter immediately showcased his skills by weaving through the Leuven defense and taking a powerful shot. However, his blast sailed over the bar.

Someone whose shot did find the net was Mathieu Maertens. The Leuven substitute capitalized on an unfortunate back pass from Rommens and nailed the score at 0-3.

This was the signal for Sayyadmanesh to push forward once again. After a slalom, he went one-on-one with OHL goalkeeper Leysen, but once again, the latter emerged victorious.

A fine streak from KVCW came to an abrupt end. The Leuven team took three points after an absolute blitz start from which our Kemphanen could not recover. Eyes on the next goal, with a clash between yellow-blue and yellow-blue away at Union.

Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Tsi/Photo News