KVC Westerlo ends collaboration with Jonas De Roeck

The paths of KVC Westerlo and Jonas De Roeck diverge. After a constructive discussion, the club has terminated the collaboration with the Belgian coach who has been at the helm of the Kemphanen since July 2021.

During his two years as head coach at KVC, De Roeck played a key role in the successful journey that our club has undertaken in recent years, including the promotion to the top league in 2022 and the triumphant 2022-2023 season, where our Kemphanen emerged as one of the great revelations with impressive and attractive football.

Unfortunately, despite strong and determined efforts this year, the positive trajectory could not be continued. Therefore, after a constructive discussion, the club decided to end the collaboration.

KVC Westerlo is now on the lookout for a new head coach to resume the path outlined, where the club has made strides both in infrastructure and sports in recent years, aiming to bring attractive top-tier football back to the Kempen and maintain it.

The entire club operation would like to thank Jonas for his dedication and the work he has done over the past years, contributing to putting KVC Westerlo back on the map at the highest level. The club wishes him much success in the further course of his career.