Report Supporters Meeting

Yesterday, the second supporters’ meeting of the season took place:

Introduction of the SLO (Support Liaison Officer)

Jorn, our SLO, acts as the liaison between the club and the supporters. For all your questions and suggestions, you can reach out to him. He is reachable via email (, you can approach him in section G, or send a message via the supporters’ platform, of which he is the chairman. If you would like to support Jorn in his tasks, do not hesitate to contact him.

Message from our Vice President

Hasan Cetinkaya emphasizes that the supporters are the base of the club. He appreciates regular discussions to stay well-informed about what is happening. The goal remains to create a club we can be proud of. Since the takeover in 2019, significant investments have been made while preserving the DNA of KVC Westerlo, with supporters embodying the club’s DNA.

Hasan explicitly thanks the supporters for their involvement and support in the past months, despite less favorable results. This support provides additional motivation for everyone. The players’ response to the open letter during the match against OHL is a vivid example of this. While it has been an unexpectedly challenging season due to a poor start, there is confidence in the team’s potential. It is a young, new team gradually growing to the right level, and points will follow.

Meanwhile, the first results of the overall trajectory are visible: the basecamp, new training fields, the sporting achievements of youth teams with special mention for our women’s team, the growth in the number of supporters, and plans to renovate the stadium in the long term.

Stadium Announcer

Tom has been serving as the stadium announcer since the beginning of the new season. He has already introduced several initiatives to energize the supporters, but there’s always room for improvement. Suggestions are warmly welcomed by our SLO, Jorn.

More than ever, all together!