OH Leuven – KVC Westerlo

And all together to Leuven. Literally, because the match at the King Power at Den Dreef stadium was once again attended by a well-filled away section. The support for the team remained immense, and the desire for the three points was just as strong. With the contributions of youngsters Haidara and Piedfort, our Kemphanen hoped to translate the enthusiasm of the supporters in the stands in Leuven onto the field.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Haidara, J. Bos, N. Madsen, S. Sydorchuk (76′ L. Van Eenoo), G. Yow (76′ Matsuo), E. Daci (76′ L. Stassin), B. Reynolds, R. Tagir, E. Bayram, A. Piedfort (89′ D. Haspolat)

First half

A cautious start set the tone for this match. The mirrored formations of both teams kept each other in balance for a considerable time. It wasn’t until the 21st minute that we witnessed the first real goal-scoring opportunity. Advancing Bayram found some space at the edge of the box and somewhat opportunistically pulled the trigger. His low shot provided OHL goalkeeper Prévot with a stern warning in this game.

An even more optimistic Maziz tried to create danger on the other side with a long lob and a rather conspicuous dive. An action that also needed to be imitated by his own goalkeeper after Bos fired a shot at the Leuven goal just past the half-hour mark.

The chances were becoming sporadic, but the score sheet remained empty after the first 45 minutes.

Second half

The caution from the first half was replaced by more physicality at the start of the second half. However, goal-scoring opportunities remained scarce. A busy Maziz tried to break the deadlock with a powerful shot but was thwarted by an alert Bolat.

Nicolas Madsen was the one who managed to break the deadlock. The Danish ice-cold finisher displayed his composure from the penalty spot for the third time and scored the decisive 0-1 just after the hour mark.

Even more relief followed for our Kemphanen a few minutes later. In a forest of legs, Sydorchuk fired a loose ball beautifully into the far corner. The 0-2 was a fact.

OHL resisted a bit, but they couldn’t muster a real late offensive. Frustration took over, yellow cards were handed out more liberally than goal-scoring opportunities. Substitute Van Eenoo came close for the Westerlo side with a shot from the edge of the box about ten minutes before the end, but his attempt was deflected just wide of the Leuven goal by a Leuven defender.

So, a third Westerlo goal was not to be, but a Westerlo victory with three points did come. A gratifying win, which was celebrated enthusiastically with the loyal fanbase in the special, attractive third jerseys that are being auctioned for the benefit of our community work. Bid now and support not only the great initiatives of KVC but also get your hands on a unique jersey with a beautiful sports story.

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Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Ses/Photo News