RWDM – KVC Westerlo

During the international break, many Kemphans smoothly continued the winning mood of against KV Kortrijk. With the league resumption at and against RWDM, everyone with a yellow-and-blue heart was hoping for a similar scenario. Besides a solid helping of confidence, KVCW also descended on the Edmond Machtens stadium with a solid number of supporters’ buses. The free buses and tickets were clearly relished, an extra three-peat would complete the fine gift from the club and its sponsors. Did our Kemphans provide that icing on the cake?

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, D. Haspolat (73′ N. Madsen), S. Sydorchuk, E. Daci, R. Tagir, T. Rommens (77′ J. Bos), E. Jordanov, R. Neustädter (73′ G. Yow), E. Bayram, L. Stassin (73′ M. Frigan), Y. Matsuo (87′ T. Van Den Keybus)

First half

After a gripping minute’s silence, it was Erdon Daci who provided the first goal threat of the match. The North Macedonian goalkeeper took advantage of a slip in the Brussels defence and immediately pulled the trigger, but his shot from an acute angle whizzed over the crossbar.

At the other end, a header from Gueye then created some danger. The tall Senegalese striker climbed high above the rest on the quarter-hour mark, but saw his header stranded against the post.

Then it was again up to Daci to boost the expected goals-rating for our Kemphans. The North Macedonian pushed forward strongly, but twice found RWDM goalie Defourny in his path.

Frantic extra efforts from an industrious Daci also failed to yield a first goal and at the other end, apart from a faint shot from Mboup, RWDM also failed to trap Bolat. So both teams dived into half-time with a 0-0 draw.

Second half

That 0-0 score remained on the board for a long time in the second half. Both teams seemed to have come out of the dressing rooms a bit stiff. Much midfield play and few successful actions formed the tenor for a long time. Until just after the hour, when Florent Sanchez was given free rein on the edge of the box to make it 1-0.

With a triple substitution, coach Jonas De Roeck hoped to turn the tide. The fresh forces – Yow, Frigan and Madsen – had been on the pitch for barely a minute when our Kemphians pieced together a dangerous attack. The Japanese striker Matsuo was the end of the line, but he hit Defourny.

At the other end, a substitute also stood out. Brazilian dribbler Rikelmi slalomed his way through the Westel defence, but his effort was blocked by Bolat, who was also averted by Reine-Adélaïde and Camara.

Thomas Van Den Keybus was sent onto the pitch just before time as the last trump card and, from the front row, he saw how the other Westel substitute still managed to secure a point for our Kemphans. In his first playing minutes this season, Griffin Yow not only provided his first goal but also an important point for KVC in the absolute close of the game.

Report: Glen Van Herck
Photos: Peter De Voecht/Photo News