Recap of our players’ international matches

Our internationals are back in their old familiar place in the Kempen. Their playing minutes were as follows:

  • Arthur Piedfort: 180
  • Emin Bayram: 108
  • Ravil Tagir: 90
  • Sergiy Sydorchuk: 31
  • Adedire Mebude: 13
  • Lucas Stassin: 10
  • Matija Frigan: 0
  • Tuur Rommens: 0

A-internationals Sydorchuk and Frigan achieved fine results. Croatia won against both Latvia (5-0) and Armenia (0-1). Sydorchuk’s Ukraine faced 2 top countries: England (1-1) and in Italy (2-1).

The young Devils with Stassin, as a substitute, and Rommens on the bench, won 1-0 against Kazakhstan.

Ravil Tagir and Emin Bayram lost twice with the Turkish U21. Both Ireland (3-2) and Italy (0-2) were too strong for the Ümit Milli.

Adedire Mebude (1-0 against Spain) also had to lose out to his Scotland teammates and Arthur Piedfort took on the U19 of the Czech Republic (3-1) and Scotland (3-0) resulting in two wins.

Big congratulations to all internationals, because being selected for your country is the highest honour you can achieve.