KVC Westerlo represented at ECA football summit in Berlin

Berlin has not only been the capital of Germany in recent days but has also asserted itself as the capital of European top football. The ECA (European Club Association) held a meeting there with 400 leading European football members to shine their light and exchange ideas on future developments in football. At that consultation table for KVC Westerlo was also vice-president Hasan Cetinkaya, who, in recognition of all the achievements made at KVC in recent years, was sent an invitation to take a seat among numerous top clubs.

The European Club Association was established in 2008 and has since become the only FIFA and UEFA officially recognized organization for football clubs at the European level. With a membership of more than 330 leading professional clubs from all over Europe, the organisation not only knows its strength as a leading and influential voice on the European football stage, but, as a think tank, it also aims at knowledge transfer and development among all its members, in order to make them even more performing.

In this development, they also saw a place for our club. The sustainable growth initiated since President Oktay Ercan’s takeover in 2019 in Westerlo caught the attention of the ECA, who, as a gesture of appreciation for all that hard work, extended an invitation to join their network. As such, our club is next to join this internationally renowned football think-tank, following the example of several top Belgian and European clubs.