Help build ‘Planeet Goudgeel’

Painful injections and needles, doctors in white coats, scary examinations under a huge scanner… A hospital visit can be an impressive and frightening experience for young patients. That’s why KVC Westerlo gladly supports the construction of  ‘Planeet Goudgeel’, the new children’s hospital of Ziekenhuis Geel.

Last year, the construction of a brand new children’s hospital in Geel began. By providing distraction, child-friendly explanations, playful colors, and animation, you can take children’s attention away from their fears and pains. That’s exactly what Ziekenhuis Geel wants to achieve by creating a total experience for young patients. Children who come to the hospital for admission, consultation, or examination take a journey to Planet Golden Yellow. Here, the cheerful Cheese welcomes them, and unlucky bird Teo has various mishaps and doesn’t always feel well. Red rockets point the way to the planet. The story provides doctors and nurses with a framework for delivering medical information in a playful way. Children identify with the emotions of the characters. Planet Golden Yellow is a world tailored to their size.

One of these characters is Titus. He flies around ‘Planeet Goudgeel’ like a fire (foot)ball, using all his strength to help the inhabitants. He is faster than light and has the biggest muscles on the whole planet. Titus was created through the partnership between KVC Westerlo and Ziekenhuis Geel. Not only the patients of  ‘Planeet Goudgeel’ will come into contact with Titus, but our supporters will also encounter him regularly.

KVC Westerlo will finance a consultation room that is fully branded with Titus. In addition to the visual aspect of the partnership and the financial support, players will occasionally land on ‘Planeet Goudgeel’.

Throughout the year, we will raise money through various actions, which will be donated in full to ‘Planeet Goudgeel’. As a first action, the KVC Westerlo – Sporting Charleroi match will be entirely dedicated to ‘Planeet Goudgeel’. Supporters will see Titus both on and off the field, we will sell cookies to benefit the new children’s hospital, and Tijs Vanneste, well-known godfather of Planet Golden Yellow, will bring a special message to the scoreboard.