G-team receives special visit from first team

In their preparation for the ninth edition of the Michiel Nys Cup on Sunday, May 7, our G-team received a big visit during their training last week. None other than head coach Jonas De Roeck and some players of the first team came to visit the team to assist them with extra tactical and technical advice. An unforgettable evening for the entire team, who eagerly took pictures with the A-team players after the training. 

Neither wind nor rain could dampen the enthusiasm of the G-team when they saw the technical staff and some A-team players walking onto their training pitch. Looks of amazement were immediately exchanged for warm smiles and even warmer hugs with Jonas De Roeck, Nacer Chadli, Tuur Dierckx, Thomas Van den Keybus and Nene Dorgeles. For one day, the idols of the A-team became their teammates during training, which was clearly a dream come true for the players of the G-team. 

The special training session turned out to be not only a great experience for the G-team, but also the players of the A-team visibly enjoyed their extra training session. Coaches Zico Smolders (G-team) and Jonas De Roeck (A-team) looked back with more than satisfaction. 

“The drive and enthusiasm of those boys is great. And the fast way they pick up the exercises, I think is very clever. I am really impressed with their level,” was the praise of our head coach, who took ample time for a photo opportunity with the players after the training. As an extra souvenir of the training, the players of the A-team also handed out some signed drinking cans, which will undoubtedly be kept in a nice place. 

Watch the report on the special training on KVCW TV

About the Michiel Nys Cup

Every year G-football KVC Westerlo organizes the Michiel Nys Cup, a day full of fun where several teams of level 2, 3 and 4 compete against each other in a fun and amusing atmosphere. The tournament was created in memory of Michiel Nys, for many years the driving force behind G-football at Westerlo. This year, the tournament will be organized for the ninth time on Sunday, May 7. Non-football players are also welcome to cheer on the G-players or to enjoy a snack and a drink. There will be fringe entertainment for children.