Standard de Liège – KVC Westerlo

A very interesting match was scheduled today, a visit to Sclessin. For both teams, winning means a 1-point difference with the top 4, so it promised to be a very exciting match. For the first time this season Nick Gillekens appeared at the kick-off, he replaced today Sinan Bolat who saw his fifth yellow card appear last match. Tuur Dierckx also started again for the first time in a long time for our Kemphans.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: N. Gillekens, B. Reynolds, R. Neustaedter, P. Perdichizzi, M. De Cuyper, L. Van Eenoo, N. Madsen (78′ M. Fixelles), T. Van den Keybus, Tuur Dierckx (77′ D. Nene), N. Chadli (78′ Y. Matsuo), K. Vaesen

First half

The opponent started the game very eagerly and immediately played towards the Westel goal. Fossey, after a corner kick, managed to take a turning shot towards the short corner but saw his shot go just wide. It was immediately clear that today was not going to be an easy match.

Then Zinckernagel almost scored the opening goal after a one-two with. At the moment he wanted to kick at goal, Reynolds made sure the danger was cleared with an excellent intervention. The first 30 minutes were dominated by the opposition and we got away remarkably well on several occasions. Zinckernagel took a long-range shot, which deflected to the left via Neustaedter and also went wide.

After 37 minutes our Kemphans went behind. Zinckernagel sent Donnum into the deep who then brought the ball to Ohio. The latter played it straight back with a header after which Donnum put the 1-0 past Gillekens.

About ten minutes later, it was time for the half time break. After 45 minutes, our players did not manage a single goal attempt to their name, clearly work to be done in the second half.

Second half

Immediately after half-time, it was again Standard that provided the goal attempts. Again it was Zinckernagel who took his chance with a shot towards the top right corner. However, it did not produce any danger. At our Kemphans, nobody seemed to really get into the game. The chances were still lacking and it was rather Standard who were closer to the 2-0 than we were to the 1-1.

Gillekens was able to keep a header from Dusenne out of goal with an excellent save. Then we could note a first-time chance for Westerlo. Dierckx brought the ball up to Van Eenoo, who had to go out with a header but could not hit it properly. A few minutes later it was another hit for the Rouches. Ohio crossed the ball excellently from the back line after which Balikwisha pushed the ball against the ropes, 2-0.

The match ended at 2-0. We could not push forward enough today to pose a challenge to the Rouches. On to the next game, the home game against KV Kortrijk!