KVC Westerlo – Union SG

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds, R. Neustaedter, P. Perdichizzi, M. De Cuyper, L. Van Eenoo, N. Madsen, T. Van den Keybus, M. Fixelles (83′ R. Seigers), N. Chadli (77′ D. Nene), K. Vaesen

First half

Early in the first half, Westerlo had an excellent chance for the opening goal. A long ball from De Cuyper was taken by Chadli who then played the ball down to Vaesen. The shot landed just a centimetre too far, causing the ball to deflect off the post. On the quarter-hour mark, it was a hit for our team. Madsen put the Union defence completely in the wind with a beautiful dribble and played the ball to Van den Keybus. The latter calmly controlled the ball and then placed it with his left into the far corner, 1-0.

It was not long until the 2-0 also appeared on the scoreboard. Van den Keybus broke through on the right wing and headed towards goalkeeper Moris. His shot was initially blocked but Chadli tapped the ball into the nets on the rebound, 2-0 and an excellent start to the match.

Just after the half-hour mark, we saw another excellent chance being played together by our Kemphans. After a good move, Fixelles sent Vaesen in front who was then able to lay the ball back to Chadli, who just did not get past the goalkeeper.

In the 37th minute, Union was awarded a free kick on the edge of the 16-metre area after a foul by Perdichizzi. A well-placed shot went towards the top right corner. However, Bolat managed to keep the ball out of his goal with an excellent save. A few minutes later, Union managed to score the tying goal. A cross from the right ended up at the head of Boniface, who nodded the ball into the goal, 2-1.

Westerlo showed some good action in the first half through Madsen, Fixelles and De Cuyper. They deservedly went into half-time with a 2-1 lead after a minor setback in which Union managed to score.

Second half

Union got off to a good start in the second half and created a threat to the Westel goal several times in the first fifteen minutes. Westerlo tried to get it mainly from counter attacks but could not succeed so far.

In minute 67, we came back to an equaliser after a hugely regrettable goal. A shot by Teuma landed on the head of Boniface via a rebound on Reynolds and then rolled into the goal, 2-2. Not much later, in minute 73, we got back into the lead. After a VAR check for a foul by Lazare Amani on Van den Keybus, referee Boucaut decided to award a penalty to Westerlo. Maxim De Cuyper put himself behind the ball and coolly kicked it into the centre of the goal, 3-2.

For our team, the end of the match revolved mainly around holding on to the lead. Rubin Seigers was sent onto the pitch for Mathias Fixelles so that there was an extra defender between the lines.

In the 89th minute, the match was in. Substitute Dorgeles Nene was put in front of goal by Vaesen. Via his left foot he kicked the ball past Moris, 4-2. After five minutes of extra time, Westerlo could deservedly add three more points.


T. Van den Keybus 1-0 (15′)
N. Chadli 2-0 (20′)
V. Boniface 2-1 (40′)
V. Boniface 2-2 (64′)
M. De Cuyper 3-2 (73′)
D. Nene 4-2 (89′)