KVC Westerlo – KV Mechelen

Match report

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds, R. Neustaedter, R. Tagir, M. De Cuyper, L. Van Eenoo, N. Madsen, T. Van den Keybus (’65 M. Fixelles), N. Chadli (’42 I. Vetokele), K. Vaesen (’65 E. Jordanov), D. Nene (’83 M. Gumuskaya)

First half

Almost as soon as the game started, the opening goal was up for grabs. Chadli literally received the ball as a gift from the Mechelen defence but unfortunately placed the ball wide of the goal. Then the pressure towards the Malinwa goal continued to increase with nice combinations. Several chances followed including another shot by Chadli. The experienced flank kicked towards goal but saw his effort go wide.

In the 22nd minute, it was touch and go for our Kemphans. Chadli let a cross from Lukas Van Eenoo pass after which Kyan Vaesen had positioned himself well in the free space and managed to kick the ball past Coucke, 1-0. Over-deserved after a first quarter of an hour where our team was very threatening.

Just before half-time, Chadli, who had played an excellent game up to then, had to leave the pitch with an injury. In his place, Igor Vetokele was allowed to come on. Then it was time to rest, a dominant Westerlo went to the dressing rooms with a deserved lead.

Second half

Ten minutes after the break, Vaesen managed to find the net again and double the lead. A corner kick was headed through to the second post where Kyan managed to infiltrate, he then had only to push the ball against the nets. A few minutes later, there was also a second injury along our side. Van den Keybus had to leave the field limping, he was replaced by Mathias Fixelles.

Neustaedter briefly showed a wonderful effort on a Lukas Van Eenoo cross. In the air he scooped the ball with a heel towards goal, unfortunately the attempt ended over the woodwork.

After a second foul, this time on Jordanov, Lavallée had to leave the pitch with a red card. Our players thus went into the last quarter of the match with a strong advantage. De Cuyper kicked a free kick hard towards the right hook, Coucke just managed to keep the ball out of the goal with his fingertips. Madsen then performed a technical trick by playing the ball between his opponent’s feet. The Dane took a firm shot on goal, but Coucke saved again.

After 90 minutes of football, we can say that our team deservedly won after a very strong game. The three points remain in ’t Kuipje.


K. Vaesen 1-0 (’22)
K. Vaesen 2’0