KVC Westerlo – Charleroi

In a rainy game behind closed doors, our Kemphans played their fourth friendly after the World Cup break.

This time, we played host to Charleroi, who have recently returned to being managed by Felice Mazzu.

The first half our team had the upper hand, however, it was Charleroi who were able to score via a corner kick (0-1).

After the first 60 minutes – our coach opted to play 2x 60 minutes again – our captain Lukas Van Eenoo came into the field and he managed to score immediately (1-1).

Ryota Morioka put the visitors ahead again (1-2) and Pietro Perdichizzi also picked up a goal (2-2). Then it was Edi Jordanov’s turn to get the ball to Kyan Vaesen via a Messianic move, who popped the ball high into the goal (3-2).

In the closing stages, Wasinski brought the visitors alongside again (3-3).

Coach De Roeck – who was followed all day on his birthday by our multimedia team – was satisfied with the result. The assignments were well executed and they also scored twice via a stoppage time.

WESTERLO: Bolat (90′ Van Langendonck); Reynolds (90′ Heyns), Neustädter (60′ Seigers), Tagir (75′ Perdichizzi), De Cuyper (90′ Jordanov); Akbunar (90′ Yow), Madsen (90′ Gumuskaya), Fixelles (60′ Van Eenoo), Chadli (90′ Dierckx); Foster (90′ Vaesen), Nene (90′ Mayoka-Tika).