What should you know about UNION SG?

On Saturday we can welcome the inhabitants of Brussels with the Joseph Mariën Stadium as their home stadium in ’t Kuipje. We would like to give you some facts, carefully selected by our own specialist Peter Boons.

Did you know that?

’t Kuipje is not an unfamiliar place for Union coach Felice Mazzu? In the past the rehearsal master already played 11 matches against our kemphanen. Westel coach Bob Peeters had already 6 confrontations against Mazzu. He only managed to win 1 game (19/12/2015 Westerlo 2-1 Charleroi), with 2 goals from former striker Fréderic Gounongbe. The 2 seasons that Gounongbe spent in ’t Kuipje, he was always running for the title of topschutter.

Did you know that?

Union already scored 6 times in 4 away games? 4 of these 6 goals fell before the break, 2 goals were scored after the break. Our kemphanen only scored 3 goals in 5 matches and didn’t lose a single match yet. The previous confrontation this season at the Dudenpark turned out to be a scoreless 0-0. Curious to see if we can score this weekend…

Did you know that?

Union SG recruited no less than 4 players from RE Virton? Virton was last season’s 1st amateur climber and could call himself the season’s revelation with a handsome 2nd place in the final ranking just behind our ruffs. However, it didn’t win either of the period titles so just like Westerlo it didn’t claim any promotion. The club didn’t get a pro license this season which Union SG took advantage of by bringing goalkeeper Moris, defenders Jordanov and François and midfielder Lapoussin to Brussels.

Written by: Ruben Van Elst
Info and statistics: Peter Boons
Photo’s: Luc Meynaerts



Team Pnt
Waasland Beveren 12
Lierse K 11
Lommel SK 10
KSMK Deinze 10
Virton 6
RE Mouscron 2