Welcome Jonas De Roeck!

KVC Westerlo has reached an agreement with Jonas De Roeck today. The young Belgian coach was recently assistant coach at RSC Anderlecht. Before that, he was head coach of STVV for one season. 

Immediately after his appointment, the new coach spoke to the press together with CEO Wim Van Hove. He is very much looking forward to the collaboration and wants to look forward to good times together with the club.

“From the conversations I had, I noticed that KVC Westerlo shows a lot of ambition. This is in line with what I want to achieve as a trainer. I would therefore very much like to assist KVC Westerlo in their adventure.” Says Jonas De Roeck.

He stated that the goal for next season is to play for promotion. Every game will be started with the intention of getting the best possible result.

Fruitful cooperation

Wim Van Hove is also very enthusiastic about the new cooperation between KVC Westerlo and De Roeck.

“As a club, we sketched a profile of the coach that we thought would best fit our club, and Jonas emerged as the top candidate. We are therefore convinced that we will have a fruitful cooperation. The next thing to do is to sit down and look at the player profiles we need. That way, we can put together an ambitious team for next season. Thus Wim Van Hove.

Watch the video introducing the new coach here:


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