We support the healthcare personnel of residental cares

In order to give a warm welcome to the staff of the 3 different residential care centres in the municipality of Westerlo, football club KVC Westerlo, Foodmaker and Daltonatheneum Het Leerlabo from Westerlo decided to join forces and pamper the staff and residents that day.

In the morning, the three centres can expect a visit from the pupils and teachers of Het leerlabo. They take with them: dance legs, Flemish sing-alongs and many Christmas greetings cards. All staff members are also provided with a nice food box, so that they do not have to take care of their own food that day.

With WZC Parel der Kempen, WZC Vlaspand and WZC Perwijshof, the municipality of Westerlo has 3 centres where a total of 270 people work every day to welcome and care for the elderly in our society and to give them a good old age. Because in these corona times it is not easy work for either the residents or the nursing staff, we put our heads together to offer them a nice moment of pampering, thanking them for all their efforts and sacrifices.

For some years now, we have been working together with Foodmaker, who provide meals every weekend for trainers and supervisors of the various youth teams. Now that all the matches have been cancelled, we thought it would be a good idea to hand these meals over to the staff of the WZC in our municipality. They have been taking care of those in need of care for several months now. That way, we can figuratively put them in the spotlight,’ says Jan Caers of KVC Westerlo.

Lieven Vanlommel of Foodmaker immediately supported this action’. This is a beautiful action that we are only too happy to put our shoulders to’.

This will also be a great day for the Leerlabo. Just before the start of the holiday, in the context of the warmest week, our pupils wrote a lot of tickets for both residents and staff members. Furthermore, we will sing a number of songs at the WZC, and the residents will get the chance to move with us from behind their windows. Now that almost no visitors can come, we thought this would be a nice way to let the residents know that they are being thought of. We want to let the staff know that we have great admiration for all the work they do’.

More info:

Jan Caers – KVC Westerlo – 0479/600 990 – business@kvcwesterlo.be


Wouter Van Win – Foodmaker – 0478/43 78 77 – wouter@thefoodmaker.be


Hilde Raets – Het Leerlabo – 014/53 86 50 – hilde.raets@hetleerlabo.be




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