Tuur Dierckx: “The road is still long”

Last Friday, Tuur Dierckx gleaned his 2nd base place of the season against Union. The moment to have a conversation with the 25-year old from Antwerp who has been playing soccer in the Parel der Kempen since this season.

Tuur, 2nd home game for you and 2nd base place: you haven’t had a lot of fun yet?

That’s right, I haven’t had so much fun yet because we only got 1 out of 6 in the 2 matches in which I was allowed to start. I try not to think about it too much myself. I think that both as a team and as an individual we have experienced something in the past 2 or 3 months on a sportive but also extra sportive level. This certainly didn’t make it any more obvious to us. That’s soccer and in soccer everything can change very quickly. We have to be positive and look ahead.

However, we are starting the match perfectly, great action from you and perfect assist for Atabey.

We had been told beforehand that we had to start the match sharply and with a lot of pressure. After 11 seconds we are 1-0 ahead. A good long ball from Lukas Van Eenoo, I can make the action and Atabey finishes it nicely. It was actually the perfect start and then you think you left for a good match. It’s extra sour that it tilted so fast and we gave up the match so quickly and lost out. That makes it extra painful.

The locker room was very quiet after the race, how hard was it? Do you also discuss this among yourselves in the players group?

As an athlete it is never fun to lose. I don’t think anyone likes to lose. Especially when Westerlo is one of the biggest competitors when you play at home against Union, it’s hard when you lose so badly. That’s a serious tap after a few weeks without soccer while the other clubs have been able to continue playing and we’re still looking for something. We certainly shouldn’t dramatize it either. We have discussed this match among ourselves as well as with the coach in order to learn the necessary lessons and come out stronger. We have to look ahead now and be positive. Losing is also part of playing soccer and I’d rather lose once with heavy grades than 3 times with 1-0 if you ask me.

Now comes the diptych against RWDM. The road is still long, we heard you say, but is a 6 out of 6 really not a must to not lose the connection?

RWDM has also been affected by corona in the past 2 weeks. So we will fight with equal weapons in that area. We definitely have the ambition to reach 6 out of 6. I think we shouldn’t fix ourselves too much on the result, but should start from our own game and from our own strength. If we can play our own game, have confidence in ourselves and have faith, the results will follow. And not only against RWDM. That’s what I mean with the road is still long, there are still a lot of games and there is still a lot of time to get stronger and stronger every week. We are going to do everything and everything is present within our group to make this happen. To start now Friday. The whole group is really looking forward to it. New week new opportunities. We are going to go for it full!



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 22
Club Brugge 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
Union 16
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
Charleroi 12
KVC Westerlo 12
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 12
KV Kortrijk 7
KAS Eupen 6
RFC Seraing 6
Cercle Brugge 6
Zulte Waregem 5