After the inferior game against Lommel last weekend and a tough training week, our kemphanen sank to the Mayor Van De Wiele stadium in Deinze today. In the coachalk Friday, assistant coach Eric Reenaers pointed out that our club can gradually close the COVID-19 chapter and return to the level of the 0-2 victory over Seraing.

Coach Bob Peeters surprised everything and everyone with some remarkable choices in the starting eleven. Simon Paulet got his first base place and our coach had room for 3 attackers. Both Vetokele, Gboho and Ciçek were allowed to start the game. Keita and Biset started on the bench.

Just when we almost leaned back in a match start where there was little threat, Deinze brought enthusiasm into the match after 18 minutes! The ball is given in front of goal and in the 2nd sin Lennart Mertens can push the ball in just like that. 0-1! Our ruffs are in such a hurry.

Our kemphanen try to straighten their backs to get a better grip on the game. After 28 minutes Gboho is allowed to lay free from the 2nd line. His shot is blocked by the goalkeeper. Van Eenoo kicks the ball over the goal. The will is present at all 11 kemphanen but there is currently a lack of pace and depth to claim the connecting goal. Hopefully coach Peeters’ pep talk will work this week and bring solace to the second half.

At the beginning of the second half it is already a hit! Via a sharp free kick from the right of Christian Brüls, Perdichizzi is at the pegs to work the equalizer in. 1-1!

KVC Westerlo plays his opponent much better in the early stages of the second half and prevents Deinze from playing football at the moment. Where there was doubt in the first half, Westerlo brings a lot of calm to the ball and dares to play the offensive. In minute 70 the ball is put back to Brüls, who has no doubt outside the sixteen. his shot hits the outside of the post. There is more in it for our kemphanen.

Another threat in minute 75! Van Eenoo gives a cunning ball in front of goal which Deinze’s goalie is looking for. Brüls picks up the ball and brings it to Tuur Dierckx who heads the ball onto the post! Atabey’s rebound is over William Dutoit’s goal.

A good minute later it hits! Brüls with a delicious action! He dribbles 2 players in search with some delicious panna’s and lays back hard on Vetokele who has the ball to push in! What a metamorphosis of our kemphanen in this second half!

At the end of the game a dumbbell on the joy of partying. Lennart Mertens ticks in his 2nd goal of the evening and puts our kemphanen back on the ground.

The 90 minutes are already on the scoreboard when Tuur Dierckx gives the ball a tight front and Vetokele pushes it in. Ref Wesley Alen sees a mistake and does not approve the goal. The 5 minutes extra time brought some excitement but the 2-2 final score remained on the scoreboard.

Today we saw a Westerlo with 2 faces. On the one hand there was a waiting first half with little pace and depth. On the other hand there was a real resurrection in the second half where we saw the Westerlo that we like to see playing football. A lot of guts and daring on the ball and the necessary depth! The orchestral master was once again Christian Brüls, who makes all the difference with his actions.



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 22
Club Brugge 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
Union 16
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
Charleroi 12
KVC Westerlo 12
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 12
KV Kortrijk 7
KAS Eupen 6
RFC Seraing 6
Cercle Brugge 6
Zulte Waregem 5