Rubin Seigers: As long as it is possible, we will do everything to reach the second place

Rubin, you played your first game for KVC Westerlo today, when did you know you would be playing?
Two days before the match. We played 11 against 11 in the new system so then I knew i would play.

The coach was surprising with the new line-up, wasn’t he?

Yes, it was different from the other weeks, but I think it went well against a strong opponent. We’ll see in the next game whether it’s the same line-up or if we go back to the familiar system.

Can you be satisfied with that one point?
It’s hard to say, of course. I think we could have got three points if we played our counters better. But with a point against the team that won the championship so easily, we can certainly not be dissatisfied.

At half-time, you are in the lead, then you equalise and finally you fall behind?
The ball was lightly touched in the wall so Koen could tap it against the crossbar. But in the end the ball did go in, so it’s a shame it didn’t fall well for us. But we fought back well and deserved a point.

Do you think it is mathematically still possible for Westerlo to reach the second place?
Mathematically it’s certainly possible, there are still four games to go. It won’t be easy, but as long as it is possible, we will do everything to reach the second place.



Team Pnt
Waasland Beveren 13
Lommel SK 13
Lierse K 11
KSMK Deinze 11
Virton 9
RE Mouscron 2