Preview KVC Westerlo – Waasland Beveren

On Sunday, the absolute topper is on the program between the numbers 1 and 2 of the 1B Pro League. On the beautiful green turf of the Kuipje, both our Kemphanen and the Leeuwen van Beveren are looking for rehabilitation after their lost game last weekend. The ingredients – free tickets and free barrels of beer – to make it a great and fun party next to the field are already there.

Team Waasland Beveren

Just like every relegant from 1A, the Waaslanders have already experienced that football in 1B is completely different than in the higher series. Every week you have to work hard and it is generally the small details that make the difference between winning or losing. In their own Freethiel stadium, it will not really work for the yellow-blues for the time being. On the other hand, they do take the points outside the home. An average of 2 points per game (3x win, 1x draw and 1x loss). With another 11 goals scored and 5 goals against, these are nice statistics to present.

The team captain is goalkeeper Nordin Jackers. During his period at KRC Genk, he was the regular goalkeeper of our National U23 Team. In 2019 he moved to Beveren and since then he has been the permanent number 1 of this team. In the last 3 games, coach Marc Schneider opted for a three-man defence. Dries Wuytens already played there last year, but the 2 others are newcomers. The Bosnian Nihad Mujakic – with a past at Kortrijk – and the Swiss Chris Kablan. The latter was on the left wing at the start of the season, but after the arrival of ex-Red Devil Derrick Tshimanga, he moved to the heart of the defence. Brendan Schoonbaert also knocks on the door to be part of this trio. The other wing player, the Dane Jacob Buus Jacobsen, also had to give up his place in recent weeks. Jenthe Mertens mentions his replacement here. By the way, Jenthe is the son of former goalkeeper Mathieu Mertens, who was second goalkeeper at Germinal Ekeren in the First Division in the 98/99 season.

In the midfield, six players compete for 3 places. The Swiss Leonardo Bertone, the Frenchman Kevin Hoggas and the Belgian Louis Verstraete currently have the most playing minutes in this compartment. Whatever club the first player plays for, he is always a fixture. Both at Young Boys Bern – where he still played together with Léo Seydoux -, FC Thun and the American FC Cincinnati, he was always on the game sheet as a basic player. Kevin Hoggas was the man to take the worst penalty kick ever. Remember our previous encounter against each other when he was able to make the connecting goal a few minutes before time via the eleven-meter mark, but the ball shot high into the stands. Louis Verstraete moved to the Waasland on the last day of the summer mercato. This is already the third time! In 2017 he was loaned for the first time by AA Gent, then twice by Antwerp (2020 and 2021). Who are the other 3 competing for a place in the middle lane? Aristote Nkaka, who had to leave the field injured last week, Tom Reyners and Jur Schryvers. The latter has been a fixed value for the past 3 seasons, this season he usually has to be satisfied with a substitute.

The most advanced players are Edmundsson and Maderner. They were both put on this summer. Edmund’s son is an A-international from Faroe Islands and the Dane Maderner is the top scorer of the series with his 6 goals. The American Joseph “Joe” Efford also plays regularly. In his Greek period with GS Ergotelis he was a true goalscoring machine with 32 goals from 82 matches, here in Belgium his number is 3 goals after 39 matches. Although he seems more the man of the assists.

Previous line-up: Waasland Beveren – KSK Lierse Kempenzonen (1-3) Jackers, Mujakic, Wuytens, Kablan (90′ Schoonbaert), Mertens, Nkaka (66′ Hoggas), Verstraete, Tshimanga, Reyners (90′ Montes), Edmundsson (75 Efford), Maderner.

⚽️ Verstraete

Team KVC Westerlo

Last weekend it happened. The first loss in this regular competition. It shouldn’t have been, but a lack of efficiency and a disallowed goal from Daci ensured this defeat. Not to mention the 2 goals against. Both were deviated balls that suddenly ended up in the right foot or goal. What did we say about the details that decide matches in 1B? The most important words fell in the dressing room after the game in Deinze. Coach Jonas De Roeck once again emphasized the mentality and spirit of this group: “We win together and we lose together”. The building blocks of this current team!

The worst were the injuries of Van den Keybus and Perdichizzi. Wondering if they will be ready to play for this topper. Rubin Seigers also had to miss the race last weekend due to illness. Other news from the infirmary is that in the U23 match against Beerschot, on All Saints, Igor Vetokele was allowed to make his comeback.

David Jensen, Pietro Perdichizzi and Lukas Van Eenoo have all been on the field every minute this season. Fernand Goure, on the other hand, is the player who has the most substitutions: he came on the field no fewer than eight times. Kyan Vaesen (every match) and Jan Bernat (9/10) are the 2 players who most often have to make way for a fresh force. Edi Jordanov is the only one to watch out for a fifth yellow card and ditto suspension.

Our Top 5 most defining players are: Tuur Dierckx (3 goals and 3 assists), Jan Bernat (3 and 2), Maxim De Cuyper (2 and 3), Kyan Vaesen and Lukas Van Eenoo (2 and 2). Macedonian Erdon Daci is the man who scores the fastest. He has already found his way to the goal three times at 4 starting spots.

We looked into each other’s eyes no less than sixteen times in the Kuipje. The balance is in favor of the Ruffs. Eleven times we went off the field as the winner and three times we drew.

Last 5 encounters in ‘Het Kuipje’

01/10/2016     KVCW – WBE             1-0      ⚽️Maxime Annys

13/03/2016    KVCW – WBE              1-0      ⚽️ Jens Cools

05/12/2014    KVCW – WBE              1-2      ⚽️Kevin Koffi

27/01/2007    KVCW – BEV               2-0      ⚽️Patrick Ogunsoto (2x)

01/10/2005    KVCW – BEV               4-1      ⚽️Peter Utaka (2x), Chris Janssens and Jaja Coelho


The 25-year-old referee Brent Staessens, who is affiliated with VK Tielrode, will lead the match. It is the first time that we can welcome him in the Kuipje. It will be his fifth game this season in the 1B Pro League, of which we have already taken 3 of them. He was also our match director on match day 1 (in Virton 0-2 win) and match day 4 (in Waasland Beveren 0-2 win). It is also the third time that they will encounter him this season for our East Flemish opponent. On matchday 8 he then led the derby in Deinze (scoreless draw).

Statistics and text: Peter Boons



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5