Preview KMSK Deinze – KVC Westerlo

After the euphoric Thursday evening, with a deserved qualification for the next round of the Croky Cup, our focus is on the difficult away game to the Burgemeester Van de Wiele stadium in Deinze.

Team Deinze

Deinze has taken over our role as the team with the most equal games. In recent years, we usually walked away with that title, now the East-Flanders seem to be in line for it. After 9 days of play, they have registered no less than 6 equal games. On top of that, there were 2 victories (on matchday 2 and 4 against respectively Waasland Beveren and Moeskroen) and 1 defeat (on matchday 7 against RWDM). They also had to play a midweek game. They were given the opportunity to travel to Club Brugge on Wednesday. We all know that it is difficult to gather points there. Ex-Red Devils Wim De Decker is the architect of this team. After his previous passages with Antwerp – with which he secured promotion to the First Division – and AA Gent, he has been with the team from Deinze since this season. He usually starts with the same 10 names, the eleventh depends on the game system / opponent.

So who are the 10 regulars? Goalkeeper is Tom Vandenberghe. In his youth, he was at work for Zulte Waregem. You can say that he is a real club player. He has already played 164 matches for the East Flemish club. Last season the Frenchman William Dutoit was preferred as number 1, so with the new coach the roles are reversed. The back line is formed by Alessio Staelens, Denis Prychynenko, Viktor Boone and Christophe Janssens. Staelens is naturally an attacking midfielder, but this season he was retrained to take his place at right back. Prychynenko has only been with the club since the summer. Denis is a bone-hard defender who was immediately given the captain’s armband on his arm. The tall (1m91) Boone had a difficult year last season with only 8 games that he could contest, this year he is back in the heart of the defense. Janssens we all know of course. Last meeting he even scored a goal – it was clear that he was motivated to show himself against us -, however, he was unlucky that this was not validated at the time. In midfield we find 2 newcomers. Bizimana – international of Rwanda – came over from Waasland Beveren and Gaëtan Hendrickx emptied his locker at Charleroi. The first one had to leave the referee’s office after only 15 minutes on Wednesday after a heavy foul on Clinton Mata.
The second had already been loaned by the Hainaut club to Kortrijk for several months at the beginning of the year. And what to say about Challouk, in my humble opinion the best player of the series. He was/is in the interest of some various 1A clubs. In front we find 2 real goalgetters back. Dylan De Belder and Lennart Mertens. The latter can at least be called “Mister 50%”. He played in 146 games for the Tigers, in which he scored 74 goals. The last basic shirt will be divided between Vansteenkiste, Lecomte, Abrahams or Tarfi.

Line-up Deinze in midweek cup match:

Vandenberghe, El Banouhi (75′ Vansteenkiste), Boone, Prychynenko, Janssens, Bizimana, Hendrickx (70′ Lecomte), Tarfi, Staelens(63′ Dansoko), De Belder (70′ Abrahams) and Challouk.


The Westel train keeps on racing. Against Antwerp we had a difficult first half hour, but hardly any chances were given away. If you then strike twice just before half time, you can play from a comfortable position in the second half. But the Kemphanen don’t stand for that kind of soccer this season. Offense is the best defense. Coach De Roeck gave a few players a chance to show themselves. And so did they! Léo Seydoux – who lost his place to Edi Jordanov this season – showed that he is ready when we need him. The jolly Noël Soumah was also allowed to start again and Lyle Foster showed his direct opponents Engels and Dessoleil – two fixed values in 1A – all corners of the field. In short: the whole group is ready. But one day our winning streak will come to an end. When, however, nobody knows. The main fact is that this group craves promotion, has the modesty of Kempen and plays with a very big heart.


Kevin Debeuckelaere has been chosen by the Football Association to referee this match. It’s the first time we meet him this season.
In the past, this happened more often. He has been our match referee no less than twelve times. The preliminary verdict with him is 4x wins, 5x draws and 3x losses. Remarkable is that half of these games, it concerned a duel Westerlo-Lommel or Lommel-Westerlo. Deinze also had it eleven times. 3x wins, 4x draws and 4x losses.

Last 5 metal confrontations

23/10/20 KMSKD – KVC Westerl:  2-2 Perdichizzi (1-1), Vetokele (1-2)

18/11/20 KVC Westerlo – KMSKD: 3-0 Van Eenoo, Vetokele, Cicek

28/02/21 KVC Westerlo – KMSKD: 4-0 Vetokele, Keïta, Cicek(2x)

19/04/21 KMSKD – KVC Westerlo: 0-1 Vaesen

19/09/21 KVC Westerlo – KMSKD: 2-2 Dierckx (1-2), VD Keybus (2-2)

Did you know?

  • Our goalkeeper David Jensen already speaks quite a bit of Dutch. Every week, he follows Dutch lessons together with Léo Seydoux, Christoffer Remmer and Edi Jordanov.
  • The last one has been called up to play with the Bulgarian national team soon.
  • Rubin Seigers is still looking for his first professional goal. But that we are already happy that he is closing that Westel wall at the back every week.
  • Pietro Perdichizzi is the playmaker of the team.
  • Midfielder Jan Bernat was already active in the UEFA Europa Conference League this season with his former club MSK Zilina and managed to score three goals in four games.
  • Thomas Van den Keybus lives in the same apartment block as Lukas Van Eenoo.
  • Our captain recently moved from West Flanders to the Kempen.
  • Left wing Maxim De Cuyper feels like a fish in the water with us? Thanks to his parents…
  • Kristof Van Hout, Igor Vetokele and Lukas Van Eenoo are the trio that represent the players’ council.
  • Erdon Daci and Oguz “Ozi” Güctekin are close friends?

Statistics and text: Peter Boons



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5