Partnership KVC Westerlo – Het Leerlabo

For more than 10 years KVC Westerlo has had a very good cooperation with Daltonatheneum Het Leerlabo from Westerlo. Thanks to this cooperation, our club is able to give its youth players excellent guidance.

The cooperation was created in 2007, when the name of the school was still ‘De Beeltjens’. In 2016 the school decided to switch to dalton education, changing its name to Daltonatheneum Het Leerlabo.

Het Leerlabo has thus been offering dalton education for over 5 years. This means that the school aims to create a high-quality educational environment by focusing on independence, responsibility and cooperation. These three pillars are central to the way the school operates. Each pupil is given the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace and level.

With this partnership, we want to put the dalton vision and the football vision next to each other. The three pillars that are important to Het Leerlabo are, of course, also of great importance within the talent development of a youth player.

KVC Westerlo logically sees this collaboration as the ideal method to not only guide its youth players in their sport, but also to use the knowledge of Het Leerlabo to guide their studies. Together with the school, KVC Westerlo tries to find a good balance between both.

Thanks to this cooperation, Het Leerlabo offers an additional sports education. This extra sports education combines school activities with football. During these extra hours of football, the pupils can work on their technical and tactical skills as a football player.

These football training sessions take place on the artificial turf pitches of the KVC Westerlo youth complex. This way, the pupils can play football in the best conditions. The pupils of Het Leerlabo are always very motivated when they can use this beautiful accommodation to practice their favourite sport.

Are you curious about this education or do you think this is something for you? Then don’t hesitate to take a look at the website of Daltonatheneum Het Leerlabo:



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5