Maxime Biset: 100 games for KVC Westerlo

100 matches for our captain. That deserved a little extra. The media team went in search of some nice images of our warrior. As a cherry on the cake, Biset received a personal letter and picture from us along with 3 envelopes. What happened to them is explained below.

Dear Max,

On Sunday 20 November 2005 around 5pm, you had your first taste of professional football. That day in the Guldensporenstadion will probably be engraved in your memory.

Fifteen years later, you are still playing. You have now played 349 matches, 101 of which with our Kemphans. We could not let this pass. You are our captain and our rock.

Nowadays you are not allowed to celebrate on the field. That is why we have a special treat for you. You have already received your first present in this big envelope. A beautiful photograph. The infinite gaze, the long hair wet with sweat, the open mouth to direct your teammates and the male beard to make you even tougher and more attractive to your female fans.

While you are reading this, the second fact is already in place. A beautiful video compilation will appear on all our social media at 8.45am today. Worth watching, the Max as he is. Full of fire and passion!

Then there are the three envelopes. Each envelope has a number on it. Numbers you will certainly recognise. It is up to you to choose one envelope. Think carefully! It can be positive or negative.

The choice is yours…

After a long hesitation, Maxime Biset chose number 3 (reference to his shirt number during his time with Antwerp). Number 19 (KV Mechelen) and number 2 (KVC Westerlo) were also among the options. In the envelope Maxim found the message “cake for everyone”. What was in the other 2 envelopes remained a secret.



Team Pnt
Waasland Beveren 13
Lommel SK 13
Lierse K 11
KSMK Deinze 11
Virton 9
RE Mouscron 2