Match report RWDM – KVC Westerlo

Today we went to visit RWDM in Molenbeek. Among the 11 names that started the match, there was one change compared to the previous day. Tuur Dierckx suffered an injury to his cruciate ligament during training, which will keep him out for a while. Kouya Mabea will start in his place.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: David Jensen, Edisson Jordanov, Rubin Seigers, Pietro Perdichizzi, Kouya Mabea, Lukas Van Eenoo, Thomas Van den Keybus, Jan Bernat (’80 Fernand Gouré), Maxim De Cuyper, Erdon Daci (’80 Lorenzo Noviello), Kyan Vaesen (’86 Mamoutou N’Diaye

Line-up RWDM: Théo Defourny, Florian Le Joncour, Mata Nzuzi, Lenny Nangis, Willilam Togui, Bryan Van den Bogaert, Théo Gécé, Gilles Ruyssen, Jarno Libert, Laurent Lavie, Nicolas Rommens.

First half

At RWDM, three old friends of our club are starting, namely Bryan Van Den Bogaert, Gilles Ruyssen and Nicolas Rommens. It is immediately clear that it will not be an easy match. RWDM plays the ball forward with quick actions, allowing our Westel defense to get into action right away.

In minute 18 Laurent Lavie put in a good run on the right flank but Pietro Perdichizzi saved with a very well executed sliding tackle. A few minutes later, our left wing Maxim De Cuyper starts a very good dribble towards the penalty area, but no danger can be created yet.

After half an hour of football, the chances are still there, both our Kemphanen and the opponent have not yet created a big threat. In the 36th minute, however, Westerlo did score. Lukas Van Eenoo saw Maxim De Cuyper leave and decided to play a long ball to the front. Maxim takes the ball well and puts it in the basket, 0-1.

The game has only just restarted when our Kemphanen score again. Kyan Vaesen manages to conquer the ball in the middle of the pitch and sends Maxim De Cuyper deep. Maxim sees Erdon Daci all alone at the far post and doesn’t hesitate for a second. Erdon only has to tap the ball into the goal, 0-2.

After 45 minutes of football, we go into the break with a nice 0-2 lead.

Second Half

The second half had just started when the referee decided to put the ball on the spot. Thomas Van den Keybus touched the leg of a RWDM player. Nicolas Rommens got behind the ball and managed to convert the penalty into a goal, 1-2.

After the goal, a few difficult minutes followed in which RWDM managed to put a lot of pressure on the scoreboard. In the 66th minute we almost profited from a mistake by William Togui. He headed the ball towards his own goal but it hit the crossbar.

In the 70th minute we managed to get a good counter via Kyan Vaesen, the ball ended up in Jan Bernat’s hands but he just hit the post, so the score remained 1-2.

In the 80th minute, the first changes were made in our team. Fernand Gouré and Lorenzo Noviello enter the field for Erdon Daci and Jan Bernat. A few minutes later Maxim De Cuyper almost put the 1-3 on the scoreboard after another beautiful pass from Lukas Van Eenoo. The ball went over the goalkeeper but was just cleared off the line.

After 90 minutes the game is over. We take the three points to Westerlo and are now 7 points ahead.


Maxim De Cuyper (’34)

Erdon Daci (’37)

Nicolas Rommens (’48)



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5