Match report KVC Westerlo – RFC Seraing

Today the home game against Seraing was scheduled. Our Kemphans managed to win their past four games which would allow us to reach 15 out of 15 at the highest level today for the first time in the club’s history.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: S. Bolat, B. Reynolds, R. Seigers, R. Tagir, M. De Cuyper, N. Madsen, L. Mineiro ( 90′ R. Neustadter), H. Akbunar (64′ T. Dierckx), N. Chadli (73′ M. Gumuskaya), L. Foster (73′ K. Vaesen), D. Nene (90′ E. Jordanov)

Line-up FC Seraing: T. Galje, A. Sylla, M. Cachbach, J. Dias, M. Mouandilmadji, A. Bernier, D. Tremoulet, P. Poaty, J. Sambu Mansoni, S. Sissoko, M. Mbow

First half

Westerlo put a lot of pressure forward in the first ten minutes but Seraing got an early lead. A moment of weak defending was punished by Antoine Bernier who was able to put the ball past Bolat, 0-1.

The game brought in the first 20 minutes was good, but trade lacked quality in the final pass which prevented any danger from being created. Akbunar then managed to take one shot from distance but his shot was blocked.

Then it was Madsen who put the ball into the net with a distance shot. With a bit of luck the ball deflected off the line, outsmarting goalkeeper Galje. Not much later our Kemphans took the lead. Nene was sent into space by Nacer Chadli who took advantage of Seraing’s clumsiness. The young Malian then provided the 2-1 with a beautiful stifter.

Then the first half was over, we went into the locker rooms with a deserved 2-1 lead.

Second Half

The good line of the first half was not continued until the start of the second half. Immediately after halftime, Seraing came back to equalize after a poorly cleared ball was intercepted by Mansoni. Then it was Mouandilmadji who brought the Walloon team back into the game.

Chadli was pushed to the ground in the penalty area. A penalty was called for but referee Laforge was confident and ignored all protests.

Our Kemphans then got to goal a few more times, often through Foster or Nene, but did not yet see their chances converted into goals. Then, after earlier Tuur Dierckx and Roman Neustadter, it was now the turn of Kyan Vaesen and Muhammed Gumuskaya to enter the field. They replaced Nacer Chadli and Lyle Foster.

We were allocated four more minutes of extra time to get the win. It was not for today, however, the game being called off at a 2-2 final score.


A. Bernier 0-1 (12′)
N. Madsen 1-1 (28′)
D. Nene 2-1 (33′)
M. Mouandilmadji 2-2 (48′)



Team Pnt
KRC Genk 46
Union 36
Antwerp 35
Club Brugge 33
KAA Gent 30
KVC Westerlo 26
Standard 25
OH Leuven 25
Cercle Brugge 25
Anderlecht 20
Charleroi 19
KV Mechelen 18
KV Oostende 17
KAS Eupen 16
Zulte Waregem 13
KV Kortrijk 12
RFC Seraing 11