Match report KMSK Deinze – KVC Westerlo

Line-up KVC Westerlo

K. Van Langendonck, E. Jordanov, N. Soumah, R. Seigers, M. De Cuyper, K. Vaesen, L. Van Eenoo, T. Van den Keybus, I. Vetokele, E. Daci, L. Foster

Line-up KSMK Deinze

T. Vandenberghe, R. Quirynen, V. Boone, D. Prychynenko, C. Janssens, L. Fraser, G. Hendrickx, Y. Challouk, B. Dansoko, D. De Belder, L. Mertens

First Half

The score opens early in the match. In the third minute, Noël Soumah headed the ball into the goal via the post after a corner kick. A little later, there was another good chance from a corner kick. This time the ball is passed again by Lukas Van Eenoo to Kyan Vaesen. Kyan hits the ball with a hard header and the ball goes past the goalkeeper but is just cleared off the line.

After 20 minutes Deinze brought danger from the right wing. Rubin Seigers was on time and worked the ball out of the penalty area with an excellent tackle. The pressure from Deinze increased considerably on the half hour. The Kemphans have to drop back a lot to defend the goal.

In the 37th minute we see a nice header from Lyle Foster towards Igor Vetokele. Vetokele then played the ball off to Kyan Vaesen, but Kyan was unable to get the ball on target in time.

There were not many more chances in the first half. The players go into the dressing room with a 0-1 lead.

Second Half

Just after halftime Deinze scored with a solid distance shot. After the ball deviated via the body of Rubin Seigers. Van Langendonck was able to block the ball just in time to prevent the equaliser.

In the 60th minute the equaliser is put on the scoreboard, by ex-Westerlo player Christophe Janssens. The ball is hit straight into the net from a free kick after Koen Van Langendonck just failed to touch it.

Deinze continued to play offensively towards the Westelse goal. In the 72nd minute we got away with a great shot from Dansoko that went wide.

After 77 minutes the Kemphans regained the lead. The ball was first passed by Erdon Daci towards the far post. Maxim De Cuyper came along well and kicked the ball into the goal.

In the 92nd minute goal scorer Maxim De Cuyper was shown a red card after a hard tackle from behind. Three minutes later the final whistle sounds, the three points are taken home.



Team Pnt
KMSK Deinze 39
Waasland Beveren 38
Lierse K 35
Lommel SK 32
RE Moeskroen 30
Virton 20