Match report Eendracht Aalst – KVC Westerlo

First cup game of the season today. We got to visit Eendracht Aalst, nicknamed De Ajuinen, who are currently playing in Second National Amateurs.

Line-up KVC Westerlo: N. Gillekens, B. Reynolds, R. Seigers, P. Perdichizzi, K. Mabea (E. Jordanov), T. Van den Keybus (L. Mineiro), M. Fixelles (R. Neustaedter), N. Chadli (68′ M. Gumuskaya), T. Dierckx (111′ G. Van Hout), K. Vaesen , H. Akbunar

Line-Up Eendracht Aalst: V. Swinnen, A. Burssens, J. De Coninck, L. Wantens, S. Fabris, M. Dekuyper, O. George, Q. Panneel, F. Geenens, A. Van Den Eynde, G. Kakudji

First half

In the sixth minute, Vaesen seemed to be able to break through towards the Aalst goal. However, the number 3 Andreas Burssens managed to stop him with a slide just in time. A few minutes later Kyan managed to play himself free again. This time he took the ball excellently but unfortunately saw his shot end up on goalkeeper Swinnen.

On the quarter hour mark, the opponent almost took the lead but striker Dylan George seemed to forget the ball for a moment, allowing Gillekens to reach it just in time to put an end to the danger. For the first 20 minutes, our Kemphans seemed to be struggling with the poor condition of the turf. Bringing the fluent soccer we were used to from the past matches seemed to become impossible today.

It was Aalst that managed to take advantage of the situation. In the 25th minute, De Ajuinen were awarded a corner kick. Captain Falko Geenens managed to take advantage and headed the ball into the right corner past Gillekens.

Westerlo started to put firm pressure and seek the physical duels. Bryan Reynolds put in an excellent individual move but his shot was blocked. Chadli also hit a free kick into the wall, but that was as far as we went. We went into the dressing room 1-0 down. There was work to do in the second half.

Second half

Tuur Dierckx managed to break through on the counter after a corner kick by the Aalst side. He beat his man in the sprint duel but was then pulled down in the sixteen-meter area, no foul according to the referee. The pressure was on but the opponent was also very eager to hold on to the lead.

In minute 72 Van den Keybus was fined after pulling down an opponent, second yellow card of the match after earlier also Tuur Dierckx saw a yellow card. The minutes ticked by and it seemed to get harder and harder.

In the 76th minute, the equalizer was put on the scoreboard. Substitute Gümüskaya kicked at goal which momentarily surprised goalkeeper Swinnen, the ball ended up against the nets and the game could go either way again.

It was almost 1-2 in minute 90. Gümüskaya put the ball well in front of Akbunar, but his shot was blocked by Swinnen. The score remaining tied, we got ready to add another half hour in the extensions.

Extra Time

The extensions started with an early goal along the Westel side. Reynolds was brought down in the penalty area, Dierckx put himself behind the ball and coolly popped it in, 1-2.

A few minutes later after our goal, Aalst had another good chance via a header but Gillekens kept the ball out of the goal with an excellent save.

Our Kemphans managed to deepen the score even further. Halil Akbunar got well in front of goal and managed to work the ball against the nets.

In minute 111, goal scorer Dierckx was pulled aside. In his place came youngster Glenn Van Hout. The rookie was able to take one shot on goal but saw his shot go past the wrong side of the post.


F. Geenens (25′)
M. Gümüskaya (76′)
T. Dierckx (94′)
H. Akbunar (100′)



Team Pnt
KRC Genk 46
Union 36
Antwerp 35
Club Brugge 33
KAA Gent 30
KVC Westerlo 26
Standard 25
OH Leuven 25
Cercle Brugge 25
Anderlecht 20
Charleroi 19
KV Mechelen 18
KV Oostende 17
KAS Eupen 16
Zulte Waregem 13
KV Kortrijk 12
RFC Seraing 11