KVC Westerlo gives away lead in the end

More than 20 goal chances and a bitter draw were the result last Wednesday. Two expensive points remained in the Daknam Stadium. That draw made today’s game enormously important. A win meant we stayed in the race. In case of a loss, Seraing would be 6 points behind and it would be a difficult story. Efficiency was going to be very important.

What a start! We had hardly been playing football for a minute and Atabey Çiçek was suddenly all alone in front of goalie Dietsch. Vetokele recaptured the ball and played it deep to Çiçek. The Turkish goal-getter didn’t miss in the face of Dietsch and gave Westerlo an early lead. 0-1! After the quick opening goal, Westerlo left the initiative to Seraing. Our team played from a solid organisation and opted for a quick change-over towards Çiçek and Vetokele.

After more than half an hour, Lukas Van Eenoo was substituted. The West-Fleming was troubled after a tackle in the beginning. Seraing started to show more initiative after the half hour. Without any real threat, they pushed our teammates back in their own half. Westerlo held firm and went into the dressing room with the quick 0-1.

Seraing came out of the dressing room with an eager mentality. Westerlo kept the lock on the door for a long time and were dangerous several times themselves. In minute 83, Seraing finally scored. Gueye was able to tap the ball into the net to level the match.

Next Sunday, another difficult match follows. Westerlo heads to the Soevereinstadion in Lommel!