KVC Westerlo 1-1 RFC Seraing

At autumn temperatures, our kemphanen will have to fight RFC Seraing tonight. The troops of Emilio Ferrera are 2nd in the rankings. At victory our kemphanen approach to one point of RFC Seraing.

In an energetic competition start the game goes up and down quickly and the game is in balance. The odds are in Seraing’s favour. In minute 23, Westerlo gets the chance of 1-0 via Vetokele, but the Westerlo striker cannot get the ball between the poles.

In the second half, things go up and down quickly again, but both teams are well organised today, which means there are no really big chances. In minute 73′ Westerlo gets a penalty shot! Vetokele puts himself behind the ball and scores.

At the end of the game, Seraing takes full control of the game and scores the equalizer via Ndiaye. A strong Berke saves worse. Once again our kemphanen can’t keep their winnings.



Team Pnt
Union SG 53
RFC Seraing 38
KVC Westerlo 35
Lommel SK 31
RWDM* 28
KMSK Deinze* 27
Lierse Kempenzonen 14
Club NXT* 8
*Match minder gespeeld