You have those days when everything goes wrong. The first half was one of those for our Kemphanen. After 20 minutes of play, the Kuipje was completely silent.
You would of course for less if you are 0-2 behind.
Not a single celebrity who had filled this in on his piece of paper.
It all started with a clumsy own goal from our goalkeeper David Jensen.
Mabea played the ball back and the ball just hit the only bad sod on our field. Dave kicked half wide of the ball, which disappeared into goal under the watchful eye of all bewildered spectators (0-1).
Ten minutes later Mouscron doubled its lead. Lucas Ribeiro sent Teddy Chevalier into the alley and he appeared alone in front of goal. The opportunistic Frenchman rarely misses such an opportunity, and this time he also poked the ball into the net (0-2).
It wasn’t that we didn’t get any chances in the first half, but it was always just a bit short.

And then came the second half. We don’t know what the coach preached in the locker room at halftime, but it paid off. Again it took 20 minutes. This time in our favor.
It started with a Mouscron hand in the sixteen. Perpetrator Myny then also looked at a second yellow card and Jan Bernat converted the eleven meter flawlessly (1-2). Two minutes later it was the sprint bomber Kouya Mabea who wiped his left wing and put the ball in the box. Erdon Daci took it out with a powerful shot, loose in the top corner (2-2).
And our Ruffs just kept going on with the momentum. Mabea gave the ball to Foster, who found in Kyan Vaesen the partner to set up a one-two and the score was back in our favor (3-2).
In minute 74, our elusive South African Lyle Foster put in another fine play on the left flank, and the well positioned Erdon Daci made his second of the evening (4-2).
In the added time Mouscron softened with a long shot (4-3), which was immediately the final score of this match.

KVC Westerlo

Jensen, Remmer (58′ Vaesen), Seigers, Perdichizzi (70′ Yameogo), Mabea, De Cuyper (81′ Paulet), Van den Keybus, Van Eenoo, Bernat (70′ Vetokele), Daci and Foster (81′ Güctekin) .

RE Mouscron

Gillekens, Duplus, Taravel, Mohamed (81′ Gnohéré), Myny, Bakic, Lepoint (81′ Diandy), Bocat, Ribeiro (58′ Angiulli), Chevalier, Carcela (63′ Tainmont).


10′ Jensen own (0-1), 23′ Chevalier (0-2), 56′ Bernat (1-2), 58′ Daci (2-2), 66′ Foster (3-2), 74′ Daci ( 4-2), 90′ Bakic (4-3)

Report written by: Peter Boons
Photos: Luc Meynaerts



Team Pnt
KRC Genk 46
Union 36
Antwerp 35
Club Brugge 33
KAA Gent 30
KVC Westerlo 26
Standard 25
OH Leuven 25
Cercle Brugge 25
Anderlecht 20
Charleroi 19
KV Mechelen 18
KV Oostende 17
KAS Eupen 16
Zulte Waregem 13
KV Kortrijk 12
RFC Seraing 11