KVC Westerlo wants to be a family club par excellence, with a solid Kempish foundation and the Kempish conviviality that goes with it. We want to be a club that not only pursues healthy sporting ambitions. But we also want to be an example in the field of youth and community.

KVC Westerlo wants to grow into the most important football club in the Kempen region.
KVC Westerlo wants:

  • In the medium-term (3 years) to grow into a club that belongs to the top 16 in Belgium;
  • Maintain and strengthen the excellent youth training, both socially (regional) and sportily (through the Academy);
  • To guarantee the continuity of the club through a realistic financial structure;
  • paying particular attention to the social dimension of football and to its goal of making football a social project;
  • a clear synergy between A-team, youth, supporters and all sections within our club.