Oktay Ercan’s interest to football started as a hobby and later developed into an idea of making it a business line given the samples of peoples who are involved in the geographies he is involved like Qatar.

He acted as the vice chairman of Boluspor (a Turkish football club) for 3 years and resigned from his duty in January’2019. In the meanwhile, he started to look for opportunities in Europe given the strong infrastructure unlike the situation in Turkey to train young talents. He was looking for a football club which has the infrastructure and culture with manageable cost base to develop a talent.

At this point KVC Westerlo has emerged as a first opportunity through his advisors and was presented as one of the most convenient clubs for this purpose. Right after the acquisition, there were some other offers out of Europe as well, but the investment had already been done.  To develop the club itself, Hasan Cetinkaya, who is very experienced in the management of a football club, was also transferred from Fenerbahce (https://www.fenerbahce.org/;  one of the big  4 largest clubs in Turkey).