After last week’s great result, we are back with both feet on the ground. We did get a 1-0 lead, but during the break we were happy that it was only 1-2. Koen Van Langendonck kept us straight. Throughout the second half we tried to catch up, but our Kemphanen didn’t find the right opening anymore.

The surprise fell just before the game. We didn’t see the name of our captain Maxime Biset on the squadlist. He had a slight hamstring injury and our medical staff disapproved of him playing a match. With Berke Özer and Bryan Van Den Bogaert not in the team either, our coach had to rearrange his defence. Van Langendonck, Kone and Janssens were the replacements.

The first chance was for the Flemish Brabanters. Maertens devolved the ball to the post. Eventually the goal fell to the other side. Christian Brüls was the author (1-0). OHL was not upset by that. On the contrary, they were even stronger. Aguemon shot hard in the side net, Thomas Henry forced Koen Van Langendonck into a supersave and against attempt 3 our goalkeeper had no story. Xavier Mercier’s scorching shot ended up in the roof of the goal (1-1). Henry also got another chance, but again Koen was on standby. Just before the break the second goal was scored. It was “de Schuer” who headed the ball against the nets against his former club (1-2).
Bob Peeters intervened at half time. Christophe Janssens had to stay inside and Christoffer Remmer came in his place. He got a little more control over the flank but as in the previous match our Kemphans didn’t really get going. The effort was made throughout the second half, but whatever was tried, the ball didn’t touch the enemy nets anymore.  Igor Vetokele had the equalizer at the foot, goalkeeper Henkinet was just like his colleague on the other side to act accurately.
It was a big disappointment after last week’s impressive performance.

KVC Westerlo: Van Langendonck, Dewaele, Soumah, Kone, Janssens (45′ Remmer), Keita, Van Eenoo (85′ Vaesen), Brüls, Abrahams, Buyl (59′ De Schryver), Vetokele

OH Leuven: Henkinet, Duplus, Ngawa, Schuermans, Tshimanga, Maertens, Van Hyfte, Mercier (86′ Kehli), Sowah (86′ Mbombo), Aguemon, Henry

Goals: 10′ Brüls (1-0), 28′ Mercier (1-1), 41′ Schuermans (1-2)



Team Pnt
KMSK Deinze 39
Waasland Beveren 38
Lierse K 35
Lommel SK 32
RE Moeskroen 30
Virton 20