Did you know that? Union SG

In our weekly column Peter Boons snorts up some remarkable facts about our opponent this weekend. He also has some facts about our own Westel Kemphanen.

Did you know that?

Edisson Jordanov played under Jürgen Klopp with Borussia Dortmund? We also found out that goalkeeper Moris is a certified sommelier, that Fortnite is the favourite game of midfielder Teddy Teuma and that Christian Burgess had to adapt to the traffic circles in Belgium in the beginning.

Did you know that?

The chance of goals and spectacle in the second half is bigger than in the first half? Both teams scored most of their goals after the coffee break. The chances for Westel are mainly in the first half hour, in which Union scored hardly a goal while our Kemphanen show better figures. Going further on some statistics, it’s going to be a scoreless game. Goalkeeper Moris already managed to achieve 4 clean sheets at home. Our own goalie Berke Özer places 3 clean sheets on the other side. Curious who can turn around first next Sunday.

Did you know that?

Union only lost points once this season in the Joseph Mariën Stadium? Union didn’t get past in their first home game… KVC Westerlo. With an enormous fighting mentality, our Kemphanen managed to draw a 0-0 draw with the Unionists. This was also the only game in which Union SG didn’t score. With an average of 3.29 goals scored per home match, Union SG presents impressive statistics. Taking into account the fact that Westel scored an average of 1.14 goals on displacement, it is a matter of course for statisticians. Union wins Sunday 3-1. Already a lucky thing that there are no certainties in soccer and our ruffs have no chance to visit the leader.



Team Pnt
Waasland Beveren 13
Lommel SK 13
Lierse K 11
KSMK Deinze 11
Virton 9
RE Mouscron 2