Did you know? KMSK Deinze

Also in 2021 our weekly column will be there. Peter Boons will be looking for some fun and remarkable facts about our opponents and our own team.

DEINZE vetted

In goal we find Tom Vandenberghe. He started at the beginning of the season, but was then relegated to the bench by William Dutoit. The latter had eaten the butter after the 2 losses in January against Union and Lommel. Each time he got 4 goals around his ears and then the coach decided it was enough. Vandenberghe has already scored 150 goals for Deinze and is the player with the most caps for his club.

In the centre of defence, we find Niels De Schutter and Seth De Witte. The 32-year-old De Schutter played in the past with Aalst, Oostende and Waasland Beveren before settling down in Deinze in the summer of 2018.  Seth De Witte is mainly known from his time with KV Mechelen. He wore the jersey of the Kakkers for eight years. The highlight was winning the cup in 2019. Afterwards, he took a step back to join Lokeren. Since this season, he defends the colours of the Tigers.

On the right flank, the battle is between Michiel De Looze, who still played with the youth of our team Westel, and the experienced Brussels player Soufiane El Banouhi. The last six games, the Moroccan Belgian was preferred. On the left flank is Jannes Vansteenkiste. The player with the most playing minutes this season. Started all 19 games in the base.

In midfield, captain Flavien Le Postollec. The now 37-year-old Frenchman still plays his weekly game as a buffer. With Deinze, he is already at his fifth Belgian club. Previously, he played at Eupen, RWDM, Mons and Leuven.

He is flanked by Raphael Lecomte. For our Kemphans no unknown name. Between 2013 and 2016 he played 75 times for our club. This season he came over from Virton, who didn’t get a licence to play in professional football.

Just behind the strikers is Alessio Staelens. He is the son of Lorenzo, the ex-Red Devils. Alessio had a brilliant period when he played for Knokke (2017-2019), when he managed to score no less than 40 goals in 64 games. This season, he has been involved in eight goals already. Nicely distributed among 4 goals and 4 assits.

In front are Challouk, Mertens and Dansoko. Challouk is currently the assist king with his nine and he has also managed to find the way to the goal four times. You have to be careful, I would say. On the left is Bafodé Dansoko. His statistics are less impressive, but this fast dribbler will also have to be watched. Deep in the striker’s box is Lennert Mertens. What to say about his goal share. In 129 games played for Deinze, he managed to score no less than 69 goals. In February he did not yet start a game. Against Lierse he was not selected, and last week Dylan De Belder, former top marksman of the Proximus League in 2017 with Lierse, took his place.

On the reserve bench are a couple of standouts. Defender Siebe Blondelle (419 professional matches), Brazilian defensive midfielder Renato Neto (302 professional matches) and attacking midfielder Ronald Vargas (ex-Venezolan international).

KVC Westerlo vetted

Last week against RWDM, we saw a team that had control over the game in the first 45 minutes. Igor Vetokele scored his seventh goal and so joins Ciçek and Lukas Van Eenoo in first place on our internal top marksmen list. Atabey Ciçek gave his fifth assist already. This makes him the number 1 player in our club who is most involved in a goal.

Against RWDM, Christoffer Remmer replaced the suspended Léo Seydoux at right back. We are curious to see whether our Swiss will take his place again.
Pietro Perdichizzi played an excellent first half against Leonardo Rocha. He was close and gave him hardly any space. The second half was less good than the whole team. Noël Soumah was the cause of RWDM’s second goal, after a bad pass to Remmer. At left back Mabea almost scored his first goal in the colours of Westerlo. His ball hit the post though.

The regular midfield duo was reunited. Kader Keïta took his place again, at the expense of Simon Paulet, who had to serve a yellow day of suspension against Lommel. Paulet was no longer even in the core of twenty players. Lukas Van Eenoo toiled like always in the centre, but he too was unable to get the engine going in the dramatic second half.

Flank players Dierckx and Plumain were able to create a bit of a threat in the first half. Their respective flanks were a bit more open then, but were adjusted at half-time by the Brussels coach. They too were no longer in the game in the second period.

The most fearless boy in the class, Kurt Abrahams, received a red card from referee Quentin Pirard. Kurt had touched the arm of the man in black, and the rules state that this is not allowed. So an early shower was the verdict.

Both at home against Lommel and away at RWDM, our Kemphans were unconvincing. The feeling is that our coach may well come up with a few new names against Deinze.



10 games
6 wins
3 draws
1 defeat
19 goals for
11 goals against
4 clean sheets
Biggest win: 3-0 (against RWDM and Deinze)
Biggest defeat: 1-4 (against Union)


9 matches
2 wins
3 draws
4 losses
13 goals for
20 goals against
0 clean sheets
Biggest win: 3-4 (against Lierse Kempernzonen)
Biggest loss: 3-0 (against KVC Westerlo and Union SG)

Did you know? RFC Seraing

Team RFC Seraing

The 19-year-old French goalkeeper Guillaume Dietsch defends the goal. He missed only 1 game this season. In defence there is usually the same foursome. From right to left they are: Iebe Swers, Yahya Nadrani, Benjamin Boulenger and Gérald Kilota. The latter had to take an early shower after being shown a yellow card twice in the previous confrontation at Het Kuipje. Our coach was wild about him in any case and thought he was one of the best left backs in the series. At centre-back is the French Moroccan Nadrani, who, before coming to the Stade du Pairay, had only played for one club, Saint-Etienne.

Boulenger is his comrade in defence. This left-footed Frenchman previously played for Sporting Charleroi and OH Leuven. Limburg right-back Iebe Swers was suspended in the midweek match against RWDM after receiving five yellow cards. In that match, he was replaced by Francesco D’Onofrio, but logic itself says that Swers will take his place again. In midfield, an important person has been suspended. Sami Lahssaini received his fifth yellow card against RWDM, so he will have to watch this match from the sidelines. His likely replacement will be Sabaouni.

Born in Lille, France, he was educated at the Nike Academy. This Academy was founded in 2009 by the sports brand itself, with the intention of giving young talents under 20 who were not under contract to a club the chance to join professional football. Sabaouni was able to sign a contract with Lierse in 2014. After a spell at AFC Tubize in the 2016-2017 season, he signed a contract at Seraing in July 2019. Captain Théo Pierrot can play both centrally in defence, and centrally in midfield. His personal preference is for the latter position.

On the flanks we find these purebred extremely agile assistants. On the right is the Gambian international Ablie Jallow (4 goals and 5 assists this season) and on the left is the Belgian Antoine Bernier (4 goals and 4 assists). What is remarkable about these players is that they are both not of the tallest. Jallow measures 1m66 and Antoine is just 1m70. In recent weeks, coach Emilio Ferrera has been playing with 2 strikers. Georges Mikautadze is known by everyone at the moment. He already scored 18 goals, but… he has never scored against Westerlo. Keep it up, I’d say!

His striker brother Moussa Gueye always played the first three games of the season. After that, he completely faded away, only to reappear a fortnight ago. The Senegalese is no stranger to the Belgian fields. Between 2007 and 2012 he played successively for FC Brussels, RAEC Mons and Sporting Charleroi. From 2012 to 2014 he played for FC Metz and Coimbra before signing a contract with Seraing in the summer of 2014. We’ll have to wait and see what the game system will be, because Abdelhafid Al Badraoui Sabri also regularly starts in the base as number 10. He has already scored four goals and was the last to pass for a goal four times.

Team KVC Westerlo

After Sunday’s euphoria against Deinze, the party feeling soon disappeared after the midweek match. Club NXT proved to be a very difficult opponent for our Kemphans. Foe, foe, foe we would say, as some of the Westvlamians were still playing for the U15 last season. Chances were plentiful, but that final decisive touch came only once. Atabey Ciçek netted his tenth of the season.

The enthusiasm with which the youngsters of Bruges came onto the pitch, the no sweat no glory mentality, is completely ingrained in their memories. Time for our boys to stand in front of the mirror and cultivate that same playful mentality. Coach Peeters did not make any changes after the fine performance against Deinze. Berke Özer was in goal. Léo Seydoux, Noël Soumah, Pietro Perdichizzi and Christophe Janssens were in defence.

Léo was against Deinze still Man of the Match, against Club NXT he had a lot harder time. The goal came through him indirectly. He did not step into the box properly, and his direct opponent Maxim De Cuyper was able to advance freely towards the goal, resulting in Club’s first goal. Christophe Janssens’ mentality was again at its best. You could see that he would even put his head in front of the ball to prevent an attacking move by the other team. Keïta and Van Eenoo had to compete in midfield with the youngsters from Bruges. Lukas played his game as always, but Kader should perhaps be a bit calmer. When the going gets tough, you can see he starts to get excited.

Baris Alici showed good effort, but he was not cool enough to get in front of the keeper alone. Freddy Plumain was on the left and Igor Vetokele was our second striker. Kurt Abrahams came on eagerly. Again, we have a feeling that he might take Plumain’s place to start in the base against Seraing.

RFC Seraing At Home

10 games
6 wins
0 draws
4 losses
19 goals for
12 goals against
3 clean sheets
Biggest win: 6-1 against Club NXT
Biggest defeats: 0-2 against KVC Westerlo and Union SG; 1-3 against Lierse

KVC Westerlo away

10 matches
2 wins
5 draws
3 defeats
11 goals for
12 goals against
3 clean sheets
Biggest win: 0-2 against Seraing
Biggest defeat: 3-1 against RWDM



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5