Covid Safe ticket control

To make your return to ’t Kuipje as smooth and safe as possible, we as a club will make sure our matches will be Covid Safe. How this all works is explained below.

Covid Safe Ticket

What does the Covid Safe Ticket mean?

In addition to your season ticket you will need your identity card and Covid Safe Ticket to enter our stadium and fandom.

This Covid Safe Ticket implies that you meet one of the following requirements:

You have a proof of full vaccination. This means that there are at least 14 days between the day of the match and your last vaccination.
You have a negative PCR test of maximum 48 hours old.
You have a negative antigen test issued by medically trained personnel, this test is valid for 24 hours.
You have a recovery certificate of maximum 180 days old.

Are you younger than 12? Then you do not need to take the above into account.

Where can I find this certificate?

You can find all your certificates in the CovidSafeBe app. To enter our stadium and fan village you need to have this app installed.

If you don’t have a smartphone you can request your Covid Safe Ticket digitally via the website or by phone on 078/78.78.50. Attention: requesting a document by phone takes one week.

What we do not count as a valid certificate is the vaccination card you received with your vaccine.

What do I do?

I am fully vaccinated:
You can enter the stadium with the code of your vaccination in the CovidSafeBE app.

I have had my full vaccine, but there are less than 14 days between the last dose and the game:
You have a PCR test or a quick test. If the result is negative you can enter the stadium.

I have tested positive for corona and have recovered in the meantime:
If you have had corona in the last 6 months (180 days), you can enter the stadium via the recovery certificate in your CovidSafeBE app.

Operation at our club:

You can find out how control will work at our club via the link below:




Team Pnt
KRC Genk 46
Union 36
Antwerp 35
Club Brugge 33
KAA Gent 30
KVC Westerlo 26
Standard 25
OH Leuven 25
Cercle Brugge 25
Anderlecht 20
Charleroi 19
KV Mechelen 18
KV Oostende 17
KAS Eupen 16
Zulte Waregem 13
KV Kortrijk 12
RFC Seraing 11