An acid draw

After a deserved victory at home against RWDM, there is hope that the Campine train has left. Tonight our kemphanen have to find confirmation against the youngsters of Club NXT. Coach Peeters already said that they had to play their own game from minute 1. With that, Westel should be able to make things difficult for every opponent. The same eleven ruffs that were also on the field on Monday against RWDM have to get the job done tonight.

It’s a messy start where neither team can keep the ball in the team for long and we don’t see many good combinations coming back. After 6 minutes it is Club NXT that looks dangerous. Sagna brings the ball sharp in front of goal and Badji heads just wide. The first concrete threat of the match is thus a fact.

Three times is the saying. At Club NXT they only need 2 attempts as it turns out. Fast counter of the Bruggelingen where the ball ends up on the right side at Sagna. This gives the ball in the back of the Westel defense where Badji is lurking to make it 1-0 for the home team. Club NXT is playing sharp at the moment and immediately puts pressure on our kemphanen with every insertion pass.

We have to wait until minute 11 for the first threat from our kemphanen. Tuur Dierckx provokes a corner kick after an action on the right side. Lukas Van Eenoo paints the ball on Soumah’s head who kicks the ball via the bar past goalkeeper Shinton. 1-1 after only 13 minutes of play!

After the equalizer, Westerlo tries to gain more control and draw the game to himself. Club NXT furiously started the game but is unable to put this high tempo into practice at the moment. It is Westerlo now that Club NXT is trying to put pressure on the game.

A nice triangle between Abrahams, Brüls and Vetokele. The latter gets the ball in the depth and gives it low in front. From the second line Tuur Dierckx may try it. His shot is blocked by 2 Brüls. From our point of view hand play but ref Staessens does not put the ball on the dot.

Westerlo seems to slowly get into his rhythm. On the half hour Bruls gets a free kick on the side of the sixteen meter area. The ball enters the small rectangle and Atabey heads the ball diagonally! Ref Staessens and the line judge see that the Turkish striker is offside and so far the Kempen party is not going on.

In minute 33, Tuur Dierckx dropped a delicious diagonal cross in the sixteen-meter direction of Atabey, who sees that Abrahams has been followed and kicks the ball back at the South African in one time. Abrahams wants to kick but kicks half next to the ball. Westerlo has taken control of the match but is still unable to get a lead.

Once again the attack from the foot of Tuur Dierckx departs. The bellows give the ball well in front but no kemphaan can put his foot against the ball. Kurt Abrahams can pick up the leather in the 2nd zone and leads him to Vetokele who is run over. Penalty judges ref Staessens. Bruls puts himself behind the ball and aims the penalty towards the right corner. That corner had also chosen goalkeeper Shinton and he pushes the ball into corner kick! In the next corner Perdichizzi kicks the ball over goal.

Rest blown with a 1-1 interval. Club NXT started the game fiercely, resulting in an early opening goal. The wake-up call for our kemphanen and via corner kick Soumah made it 1-1 fairly quickly. Strikingly, just like the previous game, coach Peeters is continuously firing and keeping his troops sharp. Westel got the necessary chances and even a penalty but could not convert this into a 1-2 lead at this moment. Hopefully the second half will bring solace.

At the beginning of the second half a fast counter from our kemphanen. The ball ends up at Abrahams who sends Lukas van Eenoo into the depths. Who decides after a cap his chance to go even though the angle is sharp. A loud bang that goalkeeper Shinton can not clench. Atabey is well followed but ticks again from the outside the ball inside. It will not succeed for the time being.

Where there was a lot of threat and goal danger in the first half, there is a lot of waste in the game in the second half at the moment. Both Club NXT and Westerlo got some small opportunities but are currently unable to be deadly in the truth zone. After 70 minutes Bob Peeters decides to switch for the first time. Ephestion comes in the place of Kurt Abrahams. Kurt Abrahams didn’t let himself be noticed enough today.

Animo after 75 minutes! Maxime Biset takes down Sagna and gets his second yellow cardboard of the evening from ref Staessens. Berke gets another yellow cardboard for protest. In the next free kick for Club NXT, everyone in the stands saw the ball fly in. Facial deception turned out to be when the ball flew against the boards behind Berke’s goal. Coach Peeters immediately built in defensive security by taking Tuur Dierckx to the side and putting Remmer in his place. On the other hand, Ambroise Gboho gets the last 10 minutes to weigh on the Bruges defense. Atabey is allowed to rest in this way.

Ref Staessens decides to end it. A scoring in the Daknam stadium. In front of the camera, our coach mentioned afterwards that the missed penalty acid breaks out at the end. If our kemphanen get a 1-2 lead there, there was a real chance that they could take the bus to ’t Kuipje tonight with 3 points. Wednesday is the last catch up game at home against KMSK Deinze!



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 22
Club Brugge 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
Union 16
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
Charleroi 12
KVC Westerlo 12
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 12
KV Kortrijk 7
KAS Eupen 6
RFC Seraing 6
Cercle Brugge 6
Zulte Waregem 5