Do you remember? It was Saturday evening around 10 p.m. when Christian Brüls, who else, delivered the full booty to the Sovereign Stadium in Lommel SK with a lovely free kick KVC Westerlo. That great goal gave our ruffs courage and motivation to kneel over the stiff Virton last night as well. As the title says, it happened again at the end of the match.

Immediately after the victory over Lommel SK the board of KVC Westerlo put their heads together. the slogan AND ALL COUNTER had to and would resonate in the home match against Virton. With a nice ticket action and an abundance of generous sponsors who treated the supporters to free drinks ’t Kuipje was well filled for the topper against direct competitor for the second period RE Virton. Also our supporters clubs unpacked an immensely nice tifo.

The match started with a threatening Westerlo that went to war. Anyone other than game maker Christian Brüls demanded the leading role. With a great action, a distance shot and finally an Olympic goal on corner kick he was more than in shape. After his shot on goal, which was stopped by goalkeeper Moris, he put himself behind the ball in front of the next corner. Brüls curled the ball towards goal and with some help from Virton’s keeper the ball ended up in goal. A well-deserved 1-0 lead for our ruffs.

Immediately after that a good attack. Dewaele brings the ball to Abrahams who sets up a two with Vetokele. Just before Abrahams could decide on goal the ball was cleared by Virton although there was a running Buyl who missed THE chance of 2-0 by putting the ball within reach of goalkeeper Moris. Not a comfortable lead for KVC Westerlo.

On the stroke of half time another threat from Virton. A corner kick brought the ball into the first zone to Malget, who decided to devert the ball towards the short corner. Our Westerlo goalie did not see this coming and anticipated too late. Virton went into the break with a tie.

The second half was a little lower than the first. As in the first half, Westerlo had the biggest threat with possibilities for Vetokele and Van Eenoo. Virton had a free head start for Ramalingom in return. Nail biting to the end was the verdict. As we’ve told many times before, the first team to score went all out.

Coach Bob Peeters brought some offensive reinforcement with Ambroise Gboho in the team. It turned out to be a golden change later on. In his first ball contact, our striker scored the liberating 2-1 to lead us to victory. Through a quick switch Brüls brought the ball to Abrahams, who sent Gboho into the street at the perfect moment so he only came for goalkeeper Moris. Without hesitation, Gboho put the ball over the corner. An immense joy was the result in ’t Kuipje.

With only one match to go, Westerlo has only one rival in the battle for the coveted final ticket. On Sunday, Beerschot finished his game at home against Lommel. When Lommel wins, Westerlo makes the ultimate throw for profit in period 2. Next Friday 28 February, we call for a massive migration of people to the Dudenpark of Union SG! #ENALLWAYS we bring our beloved club one step closer to promotion to 1A.



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Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 22
Club Brugge 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
Union 16
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
Charleroi 12
KVC Westerlo 12
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 12
KV Kortrijk 7
KAS Eupen 6
RFC Seraing 6
Cercle Brugge 6
Zulte Waregem 5