A sour draw

Last weekend a strong performance was put down against the East Flemish club KMSK Deinze. David Gevaert’s troops were sent home with a heavy 4-0 score. It became clear in the first half that the game was not going to be plain sailing. Despite a number of chances, the Daknam Stadium did not work out again this evening.

KVC Westerlo started the match well and had the better of the game in the opening quarter. Apart from a header by Atabey, there was no danger. Without really being dangerous, it was Club NXT that took the lead. In a fast changeover Maxime De Cuyper brought the ball in front of goal. In the scrimmage, the ball ended up in Vermant’s hands, who pounced on Berke. In the resumption, another youngster from Club NXT followed well to tap the ball into goal.

KVC Westerlo had more trouble finding the right spaces this evening. On the half hour mark there was a flashy combination on the left between Alici and Janssens. The latter brought the ball in front of goal and found Atabey Çiçek. All alone he could tap the ball in. The Turkish striker thus levelled the score.

The second half brought a different face. Westerlo had a lot of goal-scoring chances, but somehow it just didn’t work out tonight. Our teammates are stuck with a sour draw. Again, they could not win against the youngsters of Club NXT.


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Team Pnt
KVC Westerlo 0
RE Virton 0
Lierse K 0
Waasland Beveren 0
KMSK Deinze 0
RE Moeskroen 0
Lommel SK 0