A contest from the book

Tonight the final catch-up game for KVC Westerlo and the entire 1B Pro League was on the program. After tonight all games are overtaken and we get a clearer view on the ranking. Deinze came to ’t Kuipje with confidence after their win against Seraing, while Westerlo just had a questionable performance against Club NXT.

The match then… After 6 minutes we note a first big opportunity for KVC Westerlo. Lukas Van Eenoo with a great ball on a deep spurting Tuur Dierckx. Tuur kicks the leather on goalkeeper Dutoit who devotes himself to corner kick. Kurt Abrahams puts himself behind the ball in the absence of Christian Brüls. The Westel playmaker tested slightly positive for the coronavirus and had to be quarantined. Abrahams chooses an inswinger and reaches Vetokele, who kicks the ball just next to goal!

On the quarter Deinze decorates a free kick on the edge of the sixteen meter area of our kemphanen. Challouk puts himself behind the ball and places it straight into the wall. This could be a first great opportunity for Deinze.

Westel currently has the better of the game in their hands and shows more commitment and will than Deinze at the moment. Antunes is allowed to drive up and uses the space between the lines where Vetokele can take the ball freely. The signal for Kouya Mabea to dive into the depths. Vetokele sends Mabea deep and the latter delivers a sharp cross in the direction of Atabey Çiçek. Corner kick for our kemphanen! This time it is captain Lukas Van Eenoo who puts himself behind the ball. Van Eenoo also chooses an inswinger and actually scores an Olympic goal. The second one already this season! The West-Fleming scores another beauty and is gradually applying for the goal of the month.

After the lead, Westerlo seems to be in his rhythm and at times there are swinging combinations on the mat. Dierckx and Abrahams are ubiquitous in this first half and constantly weigh on the defense of the tigers from Deinze.

A little after half an hour Westerlo comes out again dangerous. We hadn’t noted any chances for a while but suddenly Abrahams and Çiçek can devise the ball to Abrahams. Abrahams delivers a good cross in the direction of Çiçek. The Turkish striker goes under the ball but behind him Vetokele is allowed to check the ball and push it in! A comfortable and more than deserved 2-0 lead as a result!

The Westelse defense stands like a house today and so we are going to rest with a comfortable 2-0 lead. It is important not to fall still and to continue this performance until the end, even after rest.

Westerlo returns from the dressing room with the same mentality and prevents Deinze from playing soccer. He himself has the necessary small chances but forgets to take advantage of them. On the hour Westerlo threatens again. Abrahams puts the ball deep on Çiçek who, from a very sharp angle, still manages to kick the ball in front of Dutoit. Westerlo has no moment of weakness at this moment and is well deserved 3-0 ahead.

Westerlo shows himself lord and master in this match. It has defensive stability and constantly puts fast and short combinations on the mat. Deinze comes out well for the first time in minute 70. The ball is given in front of goal from the right flank where Dansoko can head free. No danger for goalie Berke who gets the ball firmly out of the left corner.

In the lock Tuur Dierckx gets another change of applause. The winger has had an excellent match and is in good shape lately. Westerlo manages to keep control in this second half and has given away few or no chances. It didn’t look for the 4-0 after the 3-0 but listened to the words of coach Peeters and kept control.

Technical info:

KVC Westerlo: Berke, Lloci, Antunes, Van Eenoo © , Abrahams (🔄 82′ Janssens), Çiçek (🔄 75′ Gboho), Mabea, Keïta, Soumah, Vetokele, Dierckx (🔄 88′ Remmer).

KMSK Deinze: Dutoit, Staelens, Mertens © (🔄 71′ Le Postollec), Lecomte, Challouk (🔄 46′ De Belder), Dansoko, De Looze, Vansteenkiste, Schils, De Schutter, De Witte (🔄 57′ Blondelle).

Goals: ⚽️ 1-0 Lukas Van Eenoo, ⚽️ 2-0 Igor Vetokele, ⚽️ 3-0 Atabey Çiçek

Yellow cards Westerlo: 🟨 14′ Soumah

Yellow cards Club NXT: 🟨 70′ Staelens, 🟨 73′ Vansteenkiste

Red cards Westerlo: 🟥 NONE

Red cards KMSK Deinze: 🟥 NONE


Report written by: Ruben Van Elst
Pictures: Luc Meynaerts



Team Pnt
Antwerp 27
KRC Genk 25
Club Brugge 22
Union 19
OH Leuven 17
Standard 16
KVC Westerlo 15
Charleroi 15
KAA Gent 14
Anderlecht 13
KV Mechelen 11
KV Oostende 10
KV Kortrijk 10
KAS Eupen 9
RFC Seraing 9
Cercle Brugge 9
Zulte Waregem 5